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Poll: Am I attractive and what do you think my past is like?

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Hot and probably a player
Hot and probably a virgin
Mildly attractive and player
Mildly attractive and virgin
Ugly and doesn't matter.
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Curious to see the answers. I've lost 8lbs in the past two weeks working out for 14 days and gained a slight bit of muscle.
I'm extremely tall as well, yes.
I did this because the woman I love told me doesn't want me and I just want her back but im in a weird headspace of bad self-esteem and self-pity and depression and miss her.
I'm interested to see the results of this.
Spokeskitties75 · 46-50, M
I’ve lost 20lbs in less then 2 months and gained a ton of muscle...

[i]But I’m not doing it for any woman! That’s my gift to myself [/i]
JupiterDreams · 31-35
Yeah you're attractive.
But you shouldn't change yourself for someone. It won't win them back.
Disposal · 36-40, M
I find these sort of posts to be very self conscious. You are questioning your own worth to the individual that took away your self esteem. This woman is not worth ravaging your own self worth. You are clearly better than that. This woman is not worth the devotion you poured in. Move on, knowing that she has lost and that you have gained.
zeframcochrane · 26-30, M
@Disposal My self-worth was already gone before her. She helped make it better.
How the fuck did I gain anything? I lost her.
Only thing I gained out of this is a couple pounds of muscle from the fat I burned away. In another two weeks, maybe 5 lbs of muscle.

I'm doing this to distract myself but God fucking damn if I'm not hoping it'll change her mind tbh.

I love her.

Good to know someone thinks I'm marginally attractive and a virgin.
Disposal · 36-40, M
@zeframcochrane I wouldn't say a Virgin. I haven't voted, I went through a stage like it and I let go. My mind started to heal, I didn't have that painstaking feeling that someone stabbed me with a spear and kept twisting my heart anymore. Time will help you and that time is where you build up on your own two feet. It may not sound like it ideal but it is later on in your life.
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zeframcochrane · 26-30, M
@SW-User She didn't tell me to.
I'm just spiraling and I miss her.
Working out distracts me.
@zeframcochrane I understand

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