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Is it important for your partner to be your coach?

Your together but the conditions are they will coach you to lead the life they think you should be living?
GuyWithOpinions · 26-30, M
Well i guess if you want to live that life. I think everyone should be self reliant and work together with their own unique traits. Thats how evolution would do it. DNA doesnt seem to like inbreeding. You need 2 separate entities to come together to form a new being.
Moona86 · 31-35, F
It’s important to be each other’s support and aim to be like the other not exactly like them but if they are a good example of what success is, that’s what you should try to be as well
REMsleep · 41-45, F
No not coach but cheerleader yes.
Coaching is unhealthy unless you personally want that type of controlling relationship which some people do and thats fine for them.
Abstraction · 56-60, M
I think that is an incorrect definition of coach. True coaching helps you achieve your own goals. People who are trained coaches are very good listeners who act as a mirror for your thinking to help you see your life from a different perspective.
If someone wants to shape me into the image in their head there is something wrong. Unless I've somehow communicated to them that this was what I want.
Hell no, I'm not a child or a dependent
no your cheerleader and you, theirs
DDonde · 31-35, M
Wouldn't want that
SoLeRiMix · 31-35, M
Well, both should coach each other politely whenever either of the two is confused and needs help in decision-making.

Both should understand that the lifestyle of both should be similar and choices should be mutual.🙂
Aussie69 · 51-55, M
They say the ideal relationship has a flower and a gardener, and that while two gardeners can make it work, two flowers is tough.
ButterRobot · 46-50, M
it really depends. For some people that might work.

I could see it going wrong you fail to perform it might get a bit critical.
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
It's generally the female that tells the male his a no good piece of pie.
i know the exact person who wanted to be like that lmao. glad i got out of it
Fluffybull · F
No, that sounds creepy and patronising.

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