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Do u think it's possible to be in love with two people at the same time ? 馃鉂わ笍

Yes 馃檪
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Is it possible for a woman to love or be in love with two men at the same time. Is it possible for a man to love or be in love with two women at the same time.
Think about it. What is your thought on this. Comments. 馃檪
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LadyJ41-45, F
No..if you really loved the first there would never be a second
Zonuss41-45, M
[@1086727,LadyJ] Hmmmmmmm. Ok. 馃檪
I'm inclined to believe this as well. To properly love another requires a great deal of energy and focus.[@1086727,LadyJ]
ragingfire31-35, M
No, when you love someone you give all you have got to them. If you are harboring the thoughts of another in mind, you are actually don鈥檛 giving your 100% to any. That鈥檚 not love.
AuRevoir31-35, M
Yes.. But I doubt unless the person is strange that it鈥檚 very fun at all..

When there鈥檚 too many options for something like that it over complicates things.. and then ur life isn鈥檛 on a smooth track going to destinations ud rather be..
Zonuss41-45, M
[@410477,AuRevoir] It can be a bumpy ride for some. Drive carefully. 馃檪
Carla61-69, F
One romantic love takes up way too much space, time and effort. Add a second and someone loses.
And if someone is taking a loss then the one causing the loss certainly isnt in love.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@548295,Carla] Deep. 馃檪鉁
Carla61-69, F
[@322117,Zonuss] 馃槈
Zonuss41-45, M
[@548295,Carla] 馃槀
Adogslife61-69, M
Perhaps enamored, but love is singular imho.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@397348,Adogslife] Interesting.
Yes - it鈥檚 absolutely possible. Until it happens to you I can see how it seems impossible tho
Zonuss41-45, M
[@10103,Ynotjenn] It's possible. But in the end there can only 馃檪
I cant speak for everyone else, but I dont think I could.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@695370,Straylight] Thanks for answering. 馃檪
Piper61-69, F
To love, certainly. To be [i]in love[/i] with? Perhaps, but I think not.
PerthSurfer46-50, M
Yes, I know people who loved their partner who died and that didn鈥檛 stop them from loving someone new and loving someone new didn鈥檛 stop them from loving their first partner.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@557074,PerthSurfer] It's complicated.馃檪
Yes absolutely, love is fluid just as people grow and change. The mistake is to think of love as a permanent state and allow yourself to be trapped by social constructs
Zonuss41-45, M
[@1115909,Notladylike] That's a slippery slippery slope there. 馃檪
[@322117,Zonuss] Is it? Or are you just conditioned to think that way
SweetMae61-69, F
Yes, it is possible. There are all kinds of love in this world.
jim4444470-79, M
Of course. Love is expansive - the more we love the greater our capacity to love grows. To love someone does not require us to spend our every waking moment serving them.
Too often love is confused with lust. To love another does not require a sexual relationship and only rarely does love involve sex.
Never tried it, but I don't believe it's for me.
I do not believe this is least not to the same degree. One of them is loved more.
KristinaM31-35, F
I think it鈥檚 possible, but I don鈥檛 think it would have a happy ending.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@5558,Kristinamichelle] Usually it is not. 馃檪
Of course it's possible. Why would there be a limit on what a person can feel?
MarkPaul22-25, M
Well, if you can be physically in love with a flag, then maybe...
GuyWithOpinions26-30, M
Yes. Its natural to love everybody. i think Years of society and religion etc. Have made it a strict norm that you only love one person. In other times people had multiple wives and being gay was just normal. I think people gradually became more selfish over the centuries as currency developed over time..

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