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The storm has passed.

Me and my daughter have moved back here in the Philippines, after me and my husband separated. It has been a roller coaster mode for both of us. My ex-husband is now trying to get in contact chatting through wattsap, asking me about my day, etc. I have no interest of replying, as the question lingers in my head that says, "What for?" His messages are just empty messages of nothing, gaining no value, because he does not have any desire of having any remorse about what happen. I hope I have all the willpower not to reply. If he wants to get in contact, he can contact my daughter directly. There's nothing more to say. Time will just heal any wounds.馃挋
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
He's your ex for a reason. You sound like you've a nice life in Manila. Enjoy. You have noting to apologize for.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Crazywaterspring BGC is like the New York of the Philippines. Condos there are very pricey but low quality. It's 10-15mins drive from where I live. We go there like once a month.
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
@Bittersweet84 We had a place in Cavite. The area near us was used for pag-ibig. We sold out. Too many all night parties mainly every night. On our next visit we will be shopping for a place.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Crazywaterspring Awww, I have relatives in Cavite area. Best place to buy a property is Pasig City(where I bought my condo). It's near on major business districts, but you're also near to provinces.

I sold my land in Cavite this year, as I haven't got any purpose anymore for the land.

I don't know, I feel at home in Pasig City.

All the property prices and rapidly increasing these past few years.
Allelse31-35, M
Where were you before?
@Allelse Have you ever been to the Philippines? Do you know any Filipinos? Bet you don't.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Ynotisay Just ignore this person mate. She just wants to debate here. It's not helping anybody.
Nick161-69, M
Stay happy. That all matters.
robertsnj51-55, M
Sorry for your pain. Where does your separated husband live? Was the idea to leave the Philippines initially? Does the Philippines recognize overseas marriage locally / where you have to get a divorce or by moving back home you severed the legal part of the relationship?
Mbingh0161-69, F
I was born in Manila( Clark Air Force Base) but was only 9 months old when we left to come back to usa. I would love to visit some day!
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Mbingh01 Wow Clark is actually in Pampanga not part of Metro Manila.

Visit the Philippines one day. I live here in Ortigas Pasig City, Metro Manila.
Mbingh0161-69, F
Is Pampanga a province? My birth certificate says Manila.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Mbingh01 Pampanga is a province in the Philippines, part of Region 3.

I'm not sure why your birth certificate says Manila.

When you also say Manila, it's a city within Metro Manila. It's what we call Manila City.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
My British husband lives in the UK.

There is no divorce here in the Philippines.

I will sort our annulment after a year, as I was told, that it takes ages to process and it's super expensive.
MrAverage196561-69, M
@Bittersweet84 Where did you get married?
My x was texting me all the time wanting to be just friends. All she wanted was for me to drive her around and do jobs for her.
AngelKrish26-30, M
I read your posts, it was toxic relationship, u made right decision, Bravo 馃憦
Now new life is waiting for u...no need to go back....馃尫
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Bittersweet8436-40, F
@LandOfOz Thank you. 馃挋
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Bowenw61-69, M
I believe you are doing the right thing by avoiding him. Stay strong.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Bowenw I'll just reply or message him when it's an emergency.
Bowenw61-69, M
@Bittersweet84 Yes of course.
Strictmichael7561-69, M
Can鈥檛 you block him ?
Be strong
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Strictmichael75 I did, but he begged me for open communications for the sake of our daughter.
I put his message in archive.
@Bittersweet84 it sounds like he's regretting mistreating you now you've taken back control of your life. His begging you for open communication might just be a ploy to enable him to try more coercion and control from a distance. Be careful of everything he says to you and your daughter. Leopards don't change their spots.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Richard65 Yes, when I was in the UK, he tried brainwashing my daughter. He is very good in gaslighting me.
Is your daughter an adult???
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@HootyTheNightOwl WHY?

@Bittersweet84 Because, if she isn't... then contact might have to be through you since you are responsible for her safety until she becomes old enough to decide what she wants for herself.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@HootyTheNightOwl He can contact my daughter directly, after all she's already 14 years old. I'll just reply if it's really important. Other than that, no need to.
Strictmichael7561-69, M
I tried it says you must friend me first!
Very strange
Strictmichael7561-69, M
If you want to talk about it you can message me if it helps
Sojournersoul100+, M
You just take care of you and your daughter.
Good luck and stand your own
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@BridgeOvertroubledWaters Thank you. I'm trying.
choccymonster56-60, M
Hope things work out for you.
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@choccymonster We are trying.馃挋
Good Luck..
Bittersweet8436-40, F
@Dino11 Thank you.
Block him
MichaelT36-40, M
All the best
BigGuy226-30, M
Cheer up then 馃槂馃槂馃槂
BigGuy226-30, M
y thank u
BigGuy226-30, M
Is it working out then

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