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Have you ever lied about anything?

Have you ever lied to someone about something to get a reaction from them? Ladies have you ever told a man you had a miscarriage before but was never pregnant? No judgement, just curious.. 馃
FreeSpirit151-55, F
Yes that's the biggest one I've seen.... I may have said that when it wasn't true馃榿
BeautifulLibra41-45, F
@FreeSpirit1 lol. 馃槀
Jenny123451-55, F
Those are serious lies no I have never told lies like that.

Years ago I told my husband and kids i was really sick for a couple of days and had to stay in bed and was sure I was contagious . I wasn鈥檛 sick at all. I just wanted to play endless uninterrupted games of candy crush. Then I deleted the app and never played it again
exexec61-69, C
I haven't lied to get a reaction. My wife lied to prevent a reaction by getting a less negative reaction. She lied by saying she was not having sex in college, because she knew it might cause me to break up with her. She confessed to some sexual activity, which only made me slightly jealous. It was a good plan and it worked.
starmitzy51-55, F
no never 馃槒
SilkandLace241-45, M
Far too often for my comfort....馃槥
i've lied but not about anything to do with pregnancy. every human who successfully masters a language has lied about [i]something[/i], though
Nevaeh008136-40, F
Nothing too drastic.

Maybe when I was younger.

And if I wasn't, then it was probably to donate someone's feelings.
I lied about being straight鈥 that was honestly the worst. Didn鈥檛 feel like I had a choice, though.
MyNameIsHurl41-45, F
Small lies but Id never lie about anything important
Lanie7841-45, F
Pretending to have a miscarriage is a big lie. Not sure how anyone could pretend that happened. I'm generally quite an honest person.... dislike dishonesty so nah...and especially in a relationship you have to be honest to have trust.
BeautifulLibra41-45, F
@Lanie78 Totally agree
Falakata26-30, C
Of course, every human does, has or will. (proven by science)
But never about something like that. Nor would I.
I would never lie about something so serious, plus I can鈥檛 lie, my face says everything.
I rarely lie.

But I regularly exaggerate stuff to make the story more awesome.
I like Liverpool - yes I am lying as I hate Liverpool 馃榾
RuyLopez56-60, M
Yes, of course.
BABALOO6441-45, M
Yes,when I swam with my school friei
No ill tell the truth to get a reaction
Everyone lied to something for whatever the reason. If someone say no they fucking lying to themselves and everyone else
BeautifulLibra41-45, F
@Darksideinthenight2 Yep. Biggest lie of all, lying to themselves

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