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I Want To Write My Random Thoughts And Feelings

Have you ever felt like you're desperate to throw youself into something? Like anything... but you just feel stuck? Like when you're oh the edge of water afraid of diving in and it's unreasonable fear, because you know you should go for it! Jump and dive in... You that you must swim away go the distance, actually you're hoping for it! Have you ever felt tired of nothing? Doing nothing is what wears you out, yet you feel unable to do a single move at all. What is it that holds you? Why are you backing down before even giving it try? You're dying for living! You want to live but living is what fences you off. There's a heart inside you beating so loudly, why won't listen to it? Have you ever felt ashamed for having an opinion? For thinking? For breathing? You just watch everyone else doing this thing called "living" and you see yourself as a second character in your own life wishing someone could live it for you because you're skilled enough...

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