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It's a conspiracy, it's the new girl, it's, it's,.... they're trying to screw us....

One of my suppliers made a delivery Friday afternoon. At some point after the office was closed I looked at the invoice and noticed what appears to be a bizarre amount of tax. I knew they had also made a delivery to my somewhat paranoid friend up the road so I called and asked him to take a look at his invoice. Yep, they got him too. Monday is a holiday so it will be Tuesday before I can get an answer as to why it appears they went from charging 5.5% tax to suddenly charging 14%

My friend called this morning and I answered thinking he must be at my shop needing help unloading something. No, he's been busy going through his invoices for last few months trying to figure how much he has overpaid, and when the old secretary retired and when we started dealing with the new girl. It's worrying him, and it's gonna keep worrying him until the office opens Tuesday morning.

I bet by the time I call Tuesday they will already know what I'm calling about and I bet they will already have me an answer. Who knows, the secretary may recognize my number and have the owner answer the call. I'm sure I'll be hearing more from my friend between now and then.
robb65 · 56-60, M
Update, Apparently the new secretary misunderstood something the accountant had told her and was charging tax on top of tax, still not sure how that made sense. So the last I heard they were bringing the old secretary out of retirement to straighten it out. My friend will be getting close to $175 refunded and I should be getting an updated invoice in the mail. I still can't believe I was the first to catch this as it had to affected other customers who were not in the same county that the company was located in.
14% is very high. I hope that gets sorted out amicably and soon
robb65 · 56-60, M
@SW-User One of the things that makes this so strange is that they can't charge the local city taxes on deliveries outside of their area. So even if the local taxes had gone up, I should still be paying only state taxes.

This company does good work, their prices have always been fair, and anytime I've had a problem they've always made it right. If it's an honest mistake we will get it sorted out, if something has changed, it's changed but I want to know what and why. At the end of the day I have to pass the cost on to my customers and I need to factor any changes into my prices.

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