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A California man may be facing jail time after inviting women to dinner, ordering expensive wines and lobster, and leaving them to pick up the tab.

A 45-year-old man in California is being accused of taking multiple women out to dinner between 2016 and 2018 before secretly taking off and leaving them with the bill. The multiple "dine and dash" dates amount to extortion, fraud, and petty theft, according to prosecutors. If a judge decides the evidence warrants a trial, the man could be facing years in jail. One woman alleges the man dined with her at an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles before excusing himself for a phone call and leaving the restaurant, leaving her with a $250 tab.

I know it's not funny, but I did laugh a bit at the title of the article. Though I wonder why he would do such a horrible thing?
He wanted free food
Another possibility is, he is lousy company and couldn't get a second date with anybody and interpreted that to mean women were only after a free meal, and this is his revenge.
@Mamapolo2016 I was thinking that as well. That it's his way of getting back at women.
@SW-User 😊 As far as the women are could have been worse. He could have stayed.
wakanda4eva · 22-25, F
Pshh she should have known what she got into (jk lol), scummy move from the dude, but hey, maybe he really likes lobster but don't got money so boi gotta get dat lobster somehow, someway
Looks obvious to me. Broke. Loves good food and wine. Hates women.
Hope he gets his comeuppance and has to pay them all back!

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