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What should I do?

I know I have not been on here in quite some time...

With that said I have taken A LOT of time thinking if I should do this.
So... I have decided to post upon this to get your guys & gals opinions & thoughts over it FIRST before I do decide to post this LONG POST lol.
And to answer some of you whom has privately messaged me on here & asked why I haven't been on here in some time, THIS has a SOME to deal with that.

I have recently ended a friendship .... And to be honest I don't even know if you would(call it that or) call us friends. I mean I personally would think or would have thought and at the time especially to call this person a friend at least. I mean hell I went to middle & high school with this person, so yeah...
So in the shortest way/straight to the point(as they would say) I can present this is should & would you guys like me to take the time tonight to type out(which will take me some time, so for those whom are not patient... hmmmm maybe you should not be commenting on this, than please escort yourself & have a great day. BUT for the others like I said I will actually take the time & type this out so you guys can hopefully understand the story I am trying to portray & tell to yall). the post what has been going on, why I have been away, but been away so long, & How come I decided to get back on Similar Worlds?
If I do this & post all this... Will you guys take the time to read it & actually sit back & think about it for a minute & place yourself in my scenario & either comment on or message me personally on what you would do in/on the matter/situation.
Or would that be wasting my time, should I not?
Thanks everyone! :)
Hercule79 · 31-35, M
I would absolutely take the time to read it and then personally let you know what i would do
MagnumPI · 46-50, M
Go ahead and post it. You know the group will read it and comment.
Sojournersoul · 100+, M
I would read it. You should post.
WillaKissing · 56-60
I saw that you followed me, and anyone that follows me I feel compelled to read their posts and to reply in kind to them. So, yes, I would read and reply to your story, you had me at Follow. LOL
Ontheroad · M
I'd say post it, but if you do, try to double-space and use paragraphs... makes it so much easier to read and comprehend.
Interesting so far .like reading the firs page in a book, I dont know you ,so I have know idea what you would say,
Lostlostlost · 51-55, M
I for one would be very interested to read your post and promise to respond
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LostnFound69 · 46-50, M
I absolutely would read it, thoroughly.

It may help you to write it
That was a very lonng-winded non-post right there.
@LamontCranston What do you mean?
Orangehotrod · 61-69, M
Go ahead and post! mostly good people on here!
ap199 · 51-55, M
You should, and welcome back :)
allygator18 · 22-25, F
so this is a pre-post to a longer post?
Virgo79 · 61-69, M
Go for it, hope im on to read it
OldBrit · 61-69, M
I'd read it
Montanaman · M
Go for it 👍🤗
JRVanguard · 26-30, M
Go for it😊

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