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If you don't live in the city, how long does it take you to get there?

It takes us 2 hours. If it doesn't take us that long I'd still be in bed right now.
Becks048 · F
Closest what could really be considered sorta a city. 45 minutes. A true city. A little over 2 hours
Becks048 · F
@TexChik well theres a town that i work in about 13 miles away has a mom&pop grocery store and a walmart for groceries.

Thats it lol thats your choices
TexChik · F
@Becks048 In rural farm communities those giant walmarts pretty much are king.
Paladin · 56-60, M
@Becks048 Sounds great
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
In the middle suburbs. An hours drive gets me there in traffic. Half that on the freeway off peak..But everything we need is close by..😷
calicuz · 51-55, M
I couldn't imagine not living in the city.

Where I currently live, there's a gas station across the street, a McDonald's across the other street, my dentist is across the way and within walking distance and across the other street there are 2 banks and a car wash.
And much much more.
Funlov · M
@calicuz and a hooker on the corner and a crack dealer on the other no way you can have that shit I’ll drive to city if need be I like my open space
calicuz · 51-55, M

You people are silly. Those kinds of things are only on a specific side of town and not everywhere.
There's Crack and hookers in your small towns too, you just choose to turn a blind eye.
Paladin · 56-60, M
@calicuz As long as the city has a population less than 5000, I'm fine. I wouldn't want to live in a town any bigger than that.
walabby · 61-69, M
For me, town 15 minutes, city, 3 hours.

I have friends... town, 2 hours, city, 9 hours

.... this is all by car...
Thomas52 · 70-79, M
25 minutes by car, 35 mins by fastest bus.
Icedsky · 46-50, M
About 45 minutes if traffic is ok.
Fairydust · F
20 mins, 15 if there’s no traffic.
I do live in the city, but it takes about that amount of time to visit friends who live up North in more rural areas.
About 45 minutes. That being said, the city is encroaching pretty hard at this point. I hate living in Metro Atlanta.
spitterwoman21 · 56-60, F
i have a small town 25 minutes away and then a bigger one an hour and a half away and then a metropolitan city two hours away
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
I live on Long Island, but can be in NYC within about a half hour without heavy traffic.
PoetryNEmotion · 61-69, F
A real city. From my home, an hour either way. And an hour and about 15 min.
ArtieKat · M
15 minutes - have to pay a toll through the Mersey Tunnel if I drive.
Like2play · C
What is considered a city?
Funlov · M
@Like2play I think anything over 25000
Like2play · C
@Funlov then I am within one.
Indieoriginal · 61-69, M
About 20 minutes by car, 45 by bike.
exexec · 61-69, C
25 minutes into Houston
Newfound1 · M
About 30 minutes
pdockal · 56-60, M
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
I can be to NYC in 45 minutes. That is not always the case, though!
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
Closest city is 40 minutes away and the big city is just over 2 hours away
MethDozer · M
Eh, there's a small city in the most technical use of the term about 45 minutes away. The closest real city is Syracuse which is about 2 hours.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
I can be there in about 25 minutes.

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