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So......i got dirty looks at the pharmacy..... [I Question]

I actually went and got a covid vaccination today, due to family being persistent in telling me to. Bot really a big deal for me, but the guy at cvs had to ask questions. One of those questions was: (are you currently having any symptoms associated with covid 19?)

To which I answered (just the propaganda)

I didn't even cite which propaganda, but I still got a small, yet stern lecture on how serious the pandemic is and how necessary it is to be vaccinated.
HannahSky · F
It's not a joke, covid.
HannahSky · F
@Notanymore people are sick and dead, it's not a joke.
Notanymore · 36-40, M
@HannahSky indeed it's sad when someone suffers. Even more sad when we lose our sense of merriment and enjoyment of life. I understand why making a joke about suffering is horrible, but making a jome about propaganda from our government, media and facebook doctors pushing whichever viewpoint someone tells them to believe is completely and totally fine by me.
Mindful · 51-55, F
@Notanymore agreed!
Propaganda or not, I’m glad you got vaccinated. I dont understand why you got dirty looks though. From the pharmacist or the others?
@Notanymore that’s a shame. Shots need humor.
Notanymore · 36-40, M
@nonsensiclesnail life needs humor. People are becoming too self righteous these days.
@Notanymore absolutely true!
Yeah, what did you want for your reply? A cardboard cookie?
@Notanymore yep! 😋
Notanymore · 36-40, M
@SW-User i don't even know if you can buy those these days.
@Notanymore probably somewhere on the interwebs. ;)
SweetMae · 70-79, F
I am sure that attitude doesn't encourage most people.
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
ITz THeZ PUZZY feminisTz flu
adorbz · 26-30, F
@DonaldTrumpet thanks mr real president 🤣
adorbz · 26-30, F
@empanadas i won't say anymore 🤪
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smiler2012 · 56-60
{@notanymore] maybe you where joking maybe you where making a point . you perhaps choose the wrong person as this pharmacist either is dedicated to vaccine or simply lacks a sense of humour
Notanymore · 36-40, M
@smiler2012 yeah. I definitely hit the wrong crowd with that one
The point was, you got vaccinated. I don’t understand why you received dirty looks or a lecture, considering all those who are still not getting shots.
Notanymore · 36-40, M
@bijouxbroussard i think the guy wanted to make sure that I understood his particular side of the propaganda was the correct side.
@Notanymore Ah, yes. 🙄
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
Did he get a bonus for giving a vaccine?
Notanymore · 36-40, M
@MrBrownstone hell, even if he did, he still got paid .....
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
Yay your family.
Notanymore · 36-40, M
@StevetheSleeve anyone that I'm around often has either been vaccinated, or won't get vaccinated anyway

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