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What does the word birthday mean to you?

Is a person's birthday a day they were born on and nothing more? Just like any other day of the week? Or is it more? I believe a person's birthday (or anniversary thereof) is or should be (in my opinion) a day for those close to him or her or who love said person to celebrate that person's life and the fact that they were born.

In my home and in my family I celebrate all people I love and appreciate's day of birth like that day is theirs, to do what they please. If they are rude, excused, upset, excused want to lay in bed all day, excused. You truly can put your love for a person to test on their birthday if you attempt to adopt this attitude towards others on their birthday. I hope this helps
My birthday is when it all started going bad. From then until March, I get really dark and my PTSD every year. I’m not a fan.
@Bang5luts It’s cool. Like I said, you were being nice. Kindness is always good. I don’t share much of my medical stuff, so you couldn’t have known.
Bang5luts · M
@DarkHeaven that's fair. I would expect you to share such personal information with me.
Bang5luts · M
I do care I will be mindful of what I reply @DarkHeaven. I think you're an amazing person. Any way I can help I will
SweetMae · 70-79, F
To me it is a chance for each person in the family to feel just a little special for one day of the year. They feel loved and surrounded by family.
Bang5luts · M
@SweetMae thank you for reading and replying. 😊
HannahSky · F
I celebrate birthdays, especially for kids.
Bang5luts · M
@HannahSky thank you for replying. 😊
Where does it leave you if they only remember your birthday coz you make them aware of it?
SpaceJesus · 41-45, M
Eh, just another day. But also, a day for homemade cheesecake and a picnic!
Bang5luts · M
@SpaceJesus i don't care for many types of cake, with that said, I absolutely love cheesecake and always have it on my birthday. When at all possible that is
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Bang5luts · M
@swirlie your reply is very unique. I appreciate seeing things from new perspectives very much. It gives me a new way of looking at things and understanding the behavior of others
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