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Am I bi if....

My whole life I've found guys attractive and had crushes on guys, dated guys, etc. I do find girls attractive and I think maybe have had mini-crushes on girls before but never full blown ones maybe because I repressed it or was in denial. Also the thought of eating someone out is really repulsive to me and I don't find vaginas appealing at all. 馃

I really dunno what's up with my sexuality.
QueenandCrown41-45, F
Attractions isn't always about sexuality. Love isn't always about sex. Feelings can not always be boxed in little neat definitions.
When I was younger I used to wonder about sexuality but now I personally don't give it much thought. My sexuality plays such a small percentage of who I am as a whole being.
[@484541,QueenandCrown] this. So much this.
walabby61-69, M
I wouldn't worry about it. Just do what works for you...
It鈥檚 not an either or and more of a sliding scale. You can be mostly straight but a bit heteroflexible. You can be Bi but far more attracted to guys or anywhere inbetween. Orientation is complicated and changes.
[@605647,DarkHeaven] Well, this sums up what I was going to say. I consider myself a straight male, because I've never really been sexually attracted to another male. However, there have certainly been times I've seen another guy and just thought DAMN. He is very good looking.
[@793496,Thespis] Exactly. I thought to be lesbian, the thought of a guy needed to repulse me and it doesn鈥檛. It just doesn鈥檛 turn me on... at all. Took me many years to figure out that not all lesbians are the same and that I am just gay, and it鈥檚 okay.
OldMan7070-79, M
You really need to taste the wonders of Cunnilingus before you draw any conclusions.
GhostPoncho46-50, M
Once you stop with labels you鈥檒l feel better. Bisexuality in some degree is normal.

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