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sometimes sleeping is like escaping /1

Do you also feel same
Like I can't say when I really got into this habit
But sometimes when it's like I can't think of something, or I'm in too much pressure about something I should pray and I pray but sometimes just sleep and not thinking anything hoping after waking up just will not remember more also sleeping is so hard still sometimes it's just like can't say it helps but it has surely became a way for me , something very sad like so shocking suddenly and it's as if I'm blank , it can be a little, seems like a small matter but a very big Matter to me , a big headche , something I'm not ready to face so I'll just 馃挙 but it's never easy and never right so I should learn to face things pleasing, displeasing bravely
again Pardon me for grammar mistakes
It's not an essay, it's just easier to express
But I'm really sorry ,if any big mistake please kindly correct me
Mamapolo2016F Best Comment
Almost everything (except maybe a fire) looks simpler after a good sleep. It's usually (except for a fire) better than an impulsive decision.
Raaii18-21, F
@Mamapolo2016 thanks a lot ma'am 馃檱鈥嶁檧锔 it's just so relatable, totally agree with you , better than impulsive decissions also nearly everything seems simple after a good sleep, thanks a lot again for your genuine help馃檹馃尭

You are old enough to know how to correct your spelling. Using sleep to avoid facing problems can get to be a really bad habit. Try finding other ways. Meet little problems head on. Learn to do this now andvit will help you as you become older. Do your parents approve? Try talking to them about this or make friends. Friends can share thoughts with you. Solve problems. You can gain confidence. Goid luck.
Raaii18-21, F
@PoetryNEmotion yes I'm trying to be careful with grammars, I need to be , thanks a lot for your genuine suggestions ma'am, I'll try to apply in life馃檱鈥嶁檧锔
@Raaii I am a Miss. Thank you.
erin00756-60, F
I forgot to tell you. don't worry about your grammar. Many of us, have the same problem. Your going to be alright, I'll be praying for you. Things will get better for you.
Raaii18-21, F
@erin007 I'm jyst trying to correct myself and just trying to be careful with my words nd grammars 馃檱鈥嶁檧锔 things will get better , I hope so too 馃檱鈥嶁檧锔 your words are angelic ma'am 鉁 thanks a lot again for your kind and sweet words 馃尭 it assures me a lot , I'm truly grateful 馃尭
erin00756-60, F
You need to try to relax more and distract your mind from worrying.
Raaii18-21, F
@erin007 yes I should try to distract myself from worrying too much unnecessarily 馃檱鈥嶁檧锔 thanks a lot ma'am 馃檹馃檱鈥嶁檧锔
erin00756-60, F
Try not to listen to negative people who are rude, in this website. Just block them. Your a very sweet person. Everything is going to work out for you for the better.

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