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Oh my god I brushed my hair this morning and it fell like confetti over my bathroom counter.

It was quite tangled up but I've never seen it come out like that before. I understand too it's not as thick as it once was when I was young but this was ridiculous
OogieBoogieF Best Comment
I had this happen about 2.uears ago.
It lasted for about maybe, 3...6 months , I can't remember exactly. Scared the hell out of me .

It was just coming out in HUGE amounts .
I freaked .
I started to be scared to brush it .

Eventually it stopped

There's two reasons it can do this :
1 - it's a cyclic phase of the follicles
2 - your hair is so dry or damaged it starts to break .

I discovered that roughly every seven years or so our hair goes through different 'phases', I forget exactly what they are, but they are like a growth phase, a rest phase, and a shed phase ...then a new hair replaces the old ones.
Plus , we also shed about a hundred hairs a day naturally .馃し

So....shedding an unusual amount once in a blue moon is normal.
But it is a good time to reconsider your hair health and nutrition as when this phase is done, new hairs are replacing the old .

If it lasts more than 6 months I'd get concerned and seek help .

Unfortunately as we get older both genders lose hair .
And if this is of a concern there are things to try and halt or slow down this process.
Stimulating scalp Massage
Some reccomend oils or stuff like rosemary infusions (like tea) can help stimulate the hair follicles .

Being more gentle with your hair too might help .
Don't brush it when it's wet (that's when it's at its weakest).
Don't wash it in too hot a water .
Massage your scalp till it tingles now and then, this increases blood flow and is good for the hair follicles .
Use gentle shampoos that don't have sulphates and use conditioners devoid of silicones as they seal and dry hair out in th long term and make it brittle .
There are supplements you can take that provide specialized nutrition for your hair, jist like they have ones for immune support and such.

And of course all those more elaborate and expensive hair treatments.

Hope it stops ....it's alarming when it happens 馃
deepblacknothingness56-60, M
@OogieBoogie That's relieving to hear about the cycles. I'm sorry it happened to you as well but am happy to hear it stopped. I wonder if it's from years of covering up the grays. My hair has a natural bit of a wave to it and I do tend to run a straightener over it. I'm also older so it might be due to age. I'm lucky to still have a full head at this age.

I will look into supplements and new shampoos and conditioners.
@deepblacknothingness The bummer about hair ....and frankly everything bloody else 馃槀, as we get older ...it all needs extra care.
I never used to worry about which shampoo I used - id just grab whatever was on sale. 馃し

But after my scare....and over dying it for a few years ...I trashed my hair .
So ....started doing the research .
I went on this new hair care journey for about three years .
Found out a lot of stuff.

With the conditioners and hair smoothers and stuff...look for anything in the ingredients that ends in '...one' , like Dimethicone - they are types of silicones . Silicones make your hair feel AMAZING .......at first.
Then they fuck it over big time - stay the hell away from them.

Argan oil and avocado oil are the lightest oils you can use for your hair .
If you want to make it even lighter , mix a spot with a spot of conditioner and use it on your lengths and ends lightly...esp before your hair dries to help hold in moisture . Just like you would moisturize your skin .

The other thing is....don't overwash .
I went like 6 months shampoo free to reset my scalp oil levels .(yeah...I had it in a pony or a bun the whole time it looked dead)
But , we really need so little shampoo.

If your hair is full of foam and suds when you are shampooing ....ur using too much .
All those bubbles that wash down the drain are unused shampoo.
I use like a squirt the size of little less than an inch puddle in your palm.
Rub my hand together, and then just do my scalp where the oils are .
It feels odd....it doesn't foam , but I massage it in .....and it still washes out all the dirt .馃し

Feels like it shouldnt work - but it does .

Conditioner needs to sit in hair to work .
So wash your hair first before your body when you shower so the conditioner can be soaking in while you do everything else .

I swear a better diet has helped my hair.
Always adding a little oil or extra conditioner after I wash it .
Oh....and I brush it BEFORE I wash it .... NOT after .
I don't let a brush or a comb go near it till it's almost dry .

I'm older too, my hair isn't quite as long and lush as yours ...but then I had to cut off so much damaged hair .

I'm just about to finally get some colour to it after three years of TLC and damage control

Good luck .

DearAmbellina211341-45, F
I have PCOS so my hair falls out like crazy. Oh well. I'm not letting it stop me from gettin busy.

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