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Have you seen or will you see the movie Sound of Freedom?

I honestly have never cried so hard at any movie like this one. I left the cinema with a broken heart. 馃槶
OverTheHill56-60, M
I plan on seeing it. So many positive reviews.
OverTheHill56-60, M
@NoGamesTolerated Yes. We stayed for the speech als.
OverTheHill56-60, M
@OverTheHill Makes my stomach turn at the evil around. Makes me feel saddened for the stuff at this website too.
@OverTheHill absolutely鈥 I block heartedly and frequently. So I don鈥檛 see much of it. It hurts my heart because so many here hate the very God, they say they don鈥檛 believe in. 馃槩
I have not, and don't know that I will. I have witnessed enough heartbreak in this world up close. I don't need movies to break my heart.
@bowman81 I鈥檓 sure you have. No doubt.
caPnAhab26-30, M
I haven't. I've been hearing a [b]lot[/b] about it though.
TheunderdogofNY36-40, M
@caPnAhab same.
@caPnAhab @TheunderdogofNY Please if at all possible taje the time to see this. 馃檪
Jeremi41-45, M
*note to self* do not see this movie
@Jeremi It鈥檚 factual and for a purpose.
Jeremi41-45, M
I get it, but still

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