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Wait what? Did I think this correctly?

The Dog's Citizens needs a permit for high lethal swords? I thought that's only meant for guns? Well since crimes been low for a long time.

Whatever why not. It's not like they're going to hunt with swords.
the permit is only 29,99 U.S. Dollars. That would be 3 platinum Token Currency.

Huh Deer's? Who permits anyone for 500,00 US Dollars. That would be 1,390 Cubit currency.

To use fireworks....

No, never mind the Deer's federal government are the biggest clowns.
fireworks been illegal here since the late 80's.

we used to celebrate bonfire night/guy fawks night once a year.

im sure banning the sale and private use of fireworks had more to do with getting us to forget guy fawks, and holding parliament to account, than it ever had to do with 'safety'..
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@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout too much safety high up over the roof

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