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What do you think

Do you think war will break out between Russia and Ukraine by the end of this week? Diplomacy seems out of the question now and the United States imposed sanctions will likely only entice Putin even further
Ferric67 · M
Bullies understand one thing, and Putin is a supreme bully, how bloody will my nose get if I start this fight...and he's already started it.

How bloody I say?
You show him the business by blowing up the pipeline that runs into Germany.
Was that serious enough?

This reminds me a lot of our world right before the outbreak of WWII
Ferric67 · M
I see Putin as an old school Soviet who has no intention of the spread of the democratic voice.
He will invade and/or infiltrate the Ukraine and kill anybody he sees as a political dissident.
Only if Russia decides it will......We need Yulianna to tell us what is really happening there.
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
Oh gyod, the world is always on the verge of some stupid war.
Just more scare mongering.
MURD3RM0NK3Y · 26-30, M
Nah. Everything is fine.
@MURD3RM0NK3Y I wouldnt call the situation fine
MURD3RM0NK3Y · 26-30, M
@ExperienceDLT The situation is not directly effecting me so yes it is fine.
@MURD3RM0NK3Y if the United States ends up involved which it will be you will be effected
ButterRobot · 51-55, M
Reading the news, it looks like that ship has already sailed.

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