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Have you ever called a radio station?

Perhaps to make a song request or merely to relate a story about the subject being covered on the radio.
Yes. I called radio station CKOC to tell them Glendale Secondary School was closed for the day due to that morning's heavy snowfall. Within moments the station made the announcement I had hoped and prayed they would - 馃ぃ
BLP1152061-69, M
Years ago people said i should try and win radio contests. Well a dude who worked for me at the time did the dialing, I won 4 or 5 contests. Lost none.
I used to be the overnight dj (the "talent" we were called) in Mobile Alabama, midnight to 6am m-f loved it, especially my regulars that would call in to sometimes shoot the shit, sometimes to request a song with some meaning behind it to them, some to find out where we were gonna be at our next outting. We were heard from New Orleans to Panama City, Florida. Spring Break was a favorite time to be doing that job, Mardi Gras was another, and every music festival, concert, etc....

So many stories, it was good to be me.
Yes, because the radio station was misleading the public with misinformation about the event, I was involved in.
melissa00151-55, F
Yeah they were holding a contest and they gave me a word that I had to make someone say. So I called my sister and asked her ...whats that thing they put under you so you can use the bathroom in bed. ( She was in the hospital). She said it's called a bedpan. Since I got her to say the word, we won. So we won tshirts. Unfortunately they were too small but it was fun.
FreestyleArt31-35, M
Use to when I was in middle school. We almost live near the radio station that is up in the Mountain. Though no story about songs....

@FreestyleArt You called then, but why?
FreestyleArt31-35, M
@Camelia for repeating certain songs lol...although it doesn't always work XD
@FreestyleArt Got it!
Bowenw61-69, M
Yes especially as a teenager to request songs and to call in for the contests.
@Bowenw I've done it before to dedicate a song to an ex, and I'm considering doing it again to express my viewpoint on a certain issue.
Bowenw61-69, M
@Camelia It doesn't hurt to make that request
I called a radio once and they made fun of the way I talk lol it was a clever blip but I felt a little insulted
@AlienFox That's how I would feel.
StevetheSleeve31-35, M
I called a radio sports talk show once. I thought I had something insightful to say but they were meh. Lol.
@StevetheSleeve A man just called in and shouted, so naturally they cut him off as I'm listening to a live radio broadcast.

Interesting. 馃槅
Nope, but I remember my mom requesting a song to support farmers during the foot and mouth epidemic.
no, but i emailed one
@pentacorn I emailed BBC 1xtra in the UK a few weeks ago, but it was at a ridiculous hour when they were really busy. Nevertheless, I was able to reach another station by calling a few times.
@Camelia persistence is key, well done 馃槍
@pentacorn Appreciate it. 馃槉
OnePatheticClown46-50, M
馃 I tried calling Coast to coast around 20 years ago
Never got through.
@OnePatheticClown Try again, and you might just make it through. 馃槂
DisturbOne41-45, M
Yes I have . Tried winning weekly prizes a ticket鈥檚. Back in the day
ShiftingGears46-50, M
Enjoyed making song requests.
JohnnyNoir56-60, M
I have. Called a local talk show to discuss issues
Many times, but not lately.
Sojournersoul100+, M
Use to call all the time
Yes to enter contests
uncalled456-60, M
Yup. I also took calls during my brief time in radio. By the way, that "be the 20th caller" thing was a scam. We got tired of the damn phone ringing and just picked someone. "YOU'RE THE LUCKY TWENTIETH CALLER!!"
@uncalled4 Didn't you go on, Howard?
uncalled456-60, M
@Camelia No. Probably would have been fun.
@uncalled4 Yes. 馃槀

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