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Kamala Harris's approval rating falls to 28%, a historic low for any modern vice president.

[b]Business Insider[/b]

[b]The Biden administration's public opinion woes continue.

A USA Today/Suffolk poll from the weekend had grim numbers for both President Biden and VP Harris.

Harris hit an historic low approval rating of 28%, even lower than Dick Cheney's all-time worst.

A new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University released on Sunday contains a grim snapshot of public sentiment toward the Biden administration.

President Joe Biden has been on a months-long slide toward historically poor polling numbers, but yesterday's USA Today/Suffolk poll was even worse for Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden's approval rating hit yet another a new low, this time at 38%, but Harris' dropped to 28%.

A 51% majority of respondents said they disapprove of the job Harris is doing as VP.

At this early stage of a modern presidency, Harris' numbers in the USA Today/Suffolk poll are unprecedented.

The closest comparison - which involves slightly different methodology and margins of error - would be former Vice President Dick Cheney, the most unpopular US vice president in polling history. He bottomed out at 30% in Gallup's tracking survey, but that wasn't until the end of former President George W. Bush's second term in 2007.

Harris has taken on thorny assignments early on in her tenure as VP, including running point on the administration's efforts at handling the migration surge of asylum seekers at the southern border.

As Insider's Robin Bravender reported in late October, Harris aides are quietly worried about the 2024 presidential election, should Biden forego a reelection bid, with former 2020 primary rival and Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg posing a potential threat.

The USA Today/Suffolk poll had a sample of 1,000 registered voters nationwide and a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.[/b]
Biden capitulated and took her. Huge blunder. Let him live with it.
akindheart · 61-69, F
she thinks she is getting Dumbass 1 position...nope..
Budwick · 70-79, M
Who is good at math?
If 81 million voted for this pair of losers\and now their approval ratings are only 38% and 28%
how many votes if the election was held today?

PS - Show your work.
@Budwick the people can't choose anyone outside the two parties. So what if nobody approves? They'll pick one just the same. Otherwise the hated leftists making sense would talk and be heard. Vote Dem or GOP -. Because you only can.
Budwick · 70-79, M
@Roundandroundwego Kinda dodging the question there Sparky.
PatKirby · M

Ok so using those numbers, basic math would indicate:

Biden's votes would be = 30,780,000 (81,000,000 x 0.38)

Harris's votes would be lower at = 22,680,000 (81,000,000 x 0.28)

Is that correct?
Imagine sucking worse at VP than Biden, but then sucking is Kamala's specialty.
Heartlander · 80-89, M
28% is still a shock. Hard to believe that 28% of the people still give her a thumbs up. Who are they? 2 to 5% would be understandable. But 28%??
This message was deleted by its author.
She's a token of color for the prison industrial complex -. She never was popular. She's a product that Dems package.
big Mike incoming..

any takers $$?

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