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i was on you tube tonight and something came on as a recommendation too watch . the clip was called the seven dumbest trump statement it was suppose too be funny but it was alarming also some of comments he has made . well if you see this clip i wonder how you can think this man is fit too be your resident in 2024 . trump is either plain dumb or he is not playing with a full deck of cards if you want to the american people too get justice either do not vote or change allegience
MissTaken36-40, F
The man鈥檚 a total plonker- bad for America and the rest of the world 馃檪
@MissTaken Is plonker worse than wanker?
They like that he's dumb.
KunsanVeteran61-69, M
@BohemianBoo Sadly, 鈥渄umb鈥 and 鈥減ure EVIL鈥 is an abominable combination
trollslayer46-50, M
@BohemianBoo Bingo. he is a voice for those who have distrust in "experts" and educated folks.
As long as they can hate, have enemies and feel persecuted, the truth is irrelevant. I see it as being similar to why people will stay with an abusive partner. It goes a lot deeper than what's just on the surface.
Why do you think anything you say will change their minds?
@RedBaron to be fair you make a valid point basically i do not expect such a thing too happen . they are so brain washed by trump and his pitch they are in my eyes beyond reasoning with
KunsanVeteran61-69, M
@smiler2012 Clearly, MAGAs have long ago become a cult. Despite his obvious incompetence, dishonesty, and treason his cult only sees their Orange Messiah and craves to drink his koolaid.
Applepiedom56-60, M
better than dumbass joe. He's lost from bed to potty chair
SevIsPamprinYouAlways56-60, F
SevIsPamprinYouAlways56-60, F
Nanoose61-69, M
@SevIsPamprinYouAlways I remember his lame excuse for why he used 2 hands to take a sip of water. He said he had a real expensive tie on and he didn鈥檛 want to get water on it. Cheers!
trollslayer46-50, M
Waiting for the 鈥渨hat about Biden鈥 responses鈥
KunsanVeteran61-69, M
@trollslayer Shades of Rudy The Red Nosed hair dye! W-w-w-what about [b][i]Hunter鈥檚 laptop, Batman???[/i][/b]
hippyjoe195561-69, M
Have you watched Biden lately? He makes Trump sound like a super genius.
hippyjoe195561-69, M
@trollslayer Yawn. So how is Biden working out for ya? World peace around the corner? Economy humming along? Purchasing power going up? Your TDS is very apparent. Kind of a shame really.
fddlpej61-69, M
@hippyjoe1955 we definitely are not watching the same thing
trollslayer46-50, M
@hippyjoe1955 just fine
Yes I saw that just the other day. Well as a nation that voted for that piece of shit 75 million times, we should forever be the last peoples to ever call ANYONE!!!!!!! but ourselves stupid
And now we're going to do it all over again. I have ZERO sympathy for u.s. We deserve every bit of the hell that is coming our way
fddlpej61-69, M
Well unfortunately alot of his supporters have the same intelligence as Trump. Actually a little less.
KunsanVeteran61-69, M
@fddlpej Is that even possible?
fddlpej61-69, M
@KunsanVeteran I believe so. Who else would believe him.
@Burnley123 Is too!!!!!! 馃お馃お馃お

Burnley12341-45, M
@TheAlanPartridge From the worst aspects of liberalism to the worst aspects of libertarianism. Your life story in two memes. Meh
@Burnley123 You take me seriously? 馃き
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
"I went on the internet and searched and watched videos that confirmed what I already believed"
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hunkalove61-69, M
You can't spell "to"?
lumberjackslam41-45, M
Yeah he said they should shoot shoplifters. Say what you want about him he knows which way the winds are blowing.
KunsanVeteran61-69, M
@lumberjackslam NONE of the charges were thrown out鈥攋ust another of 40,000 + Quad Indicted [b]lies that you fell for.[/b]

It鈥檚 put up or shut up time鈥攚hat actual [b]evidence do you have [/b]that Quad Indicted didn鈥檛 steal troves of highly classified documents including nuclear codes, contingency war plans, etc.?

You [b]do know that people died as a result of his unwillingness to vacate the Presidency after he lost both the popular and the electoral college votes, right?[/b]

You approve his grifting, his [b]fake Christianity [/b], his disrespect of POWs, of war heroes, his [b]draft dodging?[/b]

He鈥檚 the best that [b]you鈥檝e got?[/b]

You, sir, are [b]pathetic![/b]
lumberjackslam41-45, M
@KunsanVeteran it's kind of hard to talk to a sweating gesticulating over emotional mess who is calling for bringing back medieval executions like you have

[quote]Tie and quarter him! Or bone saw [/quote]

but I got nothing better to do.

unless you have hard evidence such as recordings of him saying these things the accusations are not credible. Trump has too many enemies to take them all at their word about what he said. all of what you said has been debunked. he followed the tax laws. know anyone who pays more taxes than they have to? everything you stated is just character assassination. so calm down.

how is providing a view other than your own 'pathetic?'
KunsanVeteran61-69, M
@lumberjackslam There鈥檚 [b]plenty of hard evidence.[/b] And it鈥檚 time to put him in prison for life.

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