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Trump vs Taylor Swift. Compare/contrast

I actually think this would make a good "term paper" topic. Both seem to attract large, dedicated followers for seemingly no reason.

Followers of both Trump and Swift feel they can do no wrong, and that their critics are just out to cut them down.
Both Trump and Swift have narcissistic characteristics - a strong desire to be better than others rather than simply doing a good job. Both seem to seek out "revenge". Swift is less direct, but there is a mountain of bitterness in her lyrics.
Both seem to feed off of praise and large crowds of fans.
Followers of both say they strongly relate to that person's message.
Followers of both have been known to be aggressive towards critics.

The main difference I see is that while her type of music is not my style, Swift is actually quite good at what she wants to do (sell records, be famous). Trump is only good at convincing some people he is a good businessman or President, while not actually delivering.
DavidT8899 · 22-25, M
Actually,Donald Trump DID deliver results,although you might not have liked his personality -all while being abused to an extent no President had before in history.Look at the world today under Biden,then look at the world as it was under Trump.Can you truly tell me things are better?As far as Taylor Swift goes,she's a music artist,not President ,so your comparison doesn't really make sense.
DavidT8899 · 22-25, M
@trollslayer No,I acknowledge that no amount of fact or common sense will penetrate your bias.There are many like you;some actually go the other way.As for me,I'm not "never" Trump and I'm not "only"Trump.I look at the facts,not the person.
trollslayer · 46-50, M
@DavidT8899 lol. Prove it, or look in the mirror. The “fact” is, trump is a criminal. Your bias prevents you from seeing that.
SevIsPamprinYouAlways · 56-60, F

Which is also why Trump is feeling it. He felt like he had no check on his power.
RedBaron · M
Trump actually was very good at making lots of money in real estate. He should have stuck to that.
TheDisciplinarian · 56-60, M
I can see Taylor getting countless followers
Not duento no reason..but her followers like her Music
( sounds like a reason to )

I see countless who like him
And Countless who Hate him

Neither Really are worth talking about
Taylor makes sense..she doesnt control the world

Trump though need writting about him
I'll Only fill his head

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