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Things we do that come from the heart.... can be kind and positive or even unkind and negative...

Where's your heart at when it comes to things you choose to do for or to others?
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
Mine knows no bounds when it comes to giving and it flows purely from a place of sincerity and compassion. Years ago, some may have came from a place of anger and misunderstanding. I worked hard to free myself from the latter once I realized the reason.

I figured you were looking for honesty in the way you asked it.馃槈
ElRengo70-79, M
My heart is always present in what I do.
Fortunately my thoughts and emotions are ussually in line enough though not without some contradictions.
antonioioio70-79, M
Out of the blue I have seen people who needed help not many but I've helped a few and they really appreciated the help
As i father, ive given my years to their happiness, i have no regrets, and will challenge any court in the land, that denies my Clairvoyance of the matter!
I try to be kind and positive. I have one friend who needs a little bit of tough love now and then, but if he growls too loudly I'll back off.
@4meAndyou Tough love can still come from wanting what is best or you feel will help.
Sometimes, things just don't seem to be done for the positive reasons...out of love and kindness.
Thevy2941-45, M
I try to be nice and positive even when they deserve a slap.
Zonuss41-45, M
I only do good things for those who deserve it. I am a positive person most of the time.

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