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Respect my choice....! I now identify as Joe Biden..what are you going to do ?

I would give you this video:


Tell you that I'm identifying as Jill Biden.
[image deleted]
@BizSuitStacy we have always been a team 鉂わ笍馃槉
@revenant even since you put me on your lap when I was a teenager babysitting.
Graylight51-55, F
And herein, ladies and gentlemen, lies the right's astonishingly and willfully ignorant perspective on the topic.
Did you want to start with learning numbers, or the alphabet?
@PhoenixPhail I am still not finished with my colouring book
Carissimi70-79, F
Suggest you see a doctor. You must be running a very high fever.
malizz70-79, M
Refer you to the dementia clinic.
MrBrownstone46-50, M
Identify you as female.
@MrBrownstone I might change my mind in an hour's time but...so馃槉
RuyLopez56-60, M
Ask for the spare key to the office. Bao is pissed because she left her IUD on the printer and the landlord doesn't speak mandoran.
antonioioio70-79, M
I certainly will especially a man who practly calls himself irish 馃
@antonioioio you can be anything you want from now on..muh feelings you see馃槉
antonioioio70-79, M
@revenant 馃
Virgo7961-69, M
Good one, at least you won't have to know anything, well maybe ice-cream 馃
I will take care of your light weight trumpsters so you can do the important stuff.
Jake96656-60, M
Not ask you to remember something accurately
I identify as Trump. GIve me money
my personal pronoun is Meow
James2561-69, M
Nothing. If you want to identify as Joe Biden that's your business. Why would I care? If you do a good job of it you could do a comedy routine at your local comedy Club.
@James25 you think Putin would take a phone call from a fake Biden ?
James2561-69, M
@revenant no probably not
RuyLopez56-60, M
@revenant He won鈥檛 take one from the real Biden.
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