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On Anarcho-Satanism

Anarcho-Satanism is an anti-theist philosophy which believes that Christianity, Judaism and Islam have caused much more harm to humanity than good, that the harm caused by the major monotheistic religions has materially profited an elite few (mostly governments, corporations and clergy), who insulate their ill-gotten wealth with social hierarchy and stratification, enforced by militarized police.
An opposing view of common morality is the next step in the evolution of humanity, where all can find equality through growing beyond the presumption of divinely-imposed subordination and inferiority.

Anarcho-Satanism worships life on earth instead of worshiping God and the empty promises and threats of an afterlife.
Anarcho-Satanism seeks to empower the community through empowering the individuals within it, instead of surrendering free will to God.
Anarcho-Satanism seeks to restore the interconnected balance of the natural order and destroy the hierarchical, elitist divine order. Anarcho-Satanists believe that they are liberated intellectuals with vast capacities for empathic concern, while the theists are psychologically-sterilized slaves who live in mortal fear of their castrator and slave-master God.
Satanists seek to create a paradise on earth, while theists destroy the earth and each other in an attempt to reach a paradise in an afterlife. Anarcho-Satanists seek pleasure and mutual benefit, while theists seek to deny pleasure and deny a common understanding with those who do not share their ideas of God.
Anarcho-Satanists work towards trust based on logic and reason instead of holding to blind faith.
Anarcho-Satanists find pride within their ascension to more equal and just beings, while theists seek to keep humanity wretched to create a greater contrast to the glory of their God.
Anarcho-Satanists trust themselves and their chosen communities, and distrust the dictates of all authorities that seek to justify their authority by divine mandate.

Anarcho-Satanists seek to live in the present, not continuing the obvious mistakes of our less-evolved ancestors, and not in the delusion of individual consciousness existing beyond death. Anarcho-Satanists believe in mutual self-reliance, not in appeals to the charity of the unjustly rich, and not in profiting from the labors of the unjustly poor.

Anarcho-Satanists strive to become their own gods, and to recognize that same divinity of self when it is realized in others. Satanists choose for themselves the reasons and ways to exercise judgment or exercise forgiveness, how and when to show mercy, and how and when to show wrath. Anarcho-Satanists are unafraid to defend themselves, instead of “turning the other cheek” and becoming victims of brutal attacks through God-induced cowardice. Anarcho-Satanists seek universal responsibility and accountability, stemming from our natural inclinations towards creating and maintaining a society based on justice.

ViciDraco · 36-40, M Best Comment
I have never really bought into the label but have taken a lot of these elements to heart. I am most definitely an anti-theist, Believing religion does more harm than good. But I do believe there were times when it was useful. It helped expand early tribal cultures to broaden their definition of tribe through these shared beliefs. Much like my carpenter's saw analogy with capitalism, I view it as an evolutionary tool that has been kept in use too long.

I am a more passive anarchist though. I want to see less hierarchy but have not felt a drive to smash it all.

I would tend to disagree (at least with regard to Christianity) - most of the perceived problems caused by Christianity were political in nature and would have happened anyway. People point at the crusades as an example - well that was essentially an east vs west thing - Palestine was in the middle and was invaded by one side and then the other (and back and forward). The west used Christianity as a way to drum up support for it - in terms of sending men to fight etc. You need to bear in mind that when the west was weaker the east invaded and got as far as spain and Austria before the west fought back.

The Spanish Inqiusition wasn't part of the church - it was the Spanish monarch trying to show what a good Catholic they were for political purposes.

Islam seems to have come about as a means to bond people in that part of the world to a common cause - in the first few decades of it's existence it had spread through force around that part of the world and then over the coming centuries further north then west.

Judaism co-existed with the other religions of the era and of course predates Christianity and Islam. Of course there would have been clashes - but again these were more of a politicial thing rather than them forcefully spreading Judiaism to other people - don't forget that you become Jewish by descent only so there isn't a concept of evangelisation.
Graylight · 51-55, F
@CheekyBadger Any time in history that religion has taken a front seat, politics was the driving factor. Politics and power.
@Graylight Politics were the instigator and blind belief and fear the instrument. Don't try to put religions out of the equation
Graylight · 51-55, F
@SW-User Religions were a tool, just like any other ideology or platform. It's never been about faith and always been about power.
QueenOfZaun · 26-30, F
I would call myself an Anarcho Monotheistic Wiccan. Basically the same thing with more Wiccan undertones.
The one thing that never made sense (to me) , however, is the name. To be honest, I agree with many of the things they stand for BUT! Isn't Satan the imaginary enemy of Abrahamic religions? So is the name just a way to emphasise their anti-theist believes? are you against one belief system when your own belief system is based on the one you're opposed to?Why not anarcho-paganism if they [quote]worship life on earth instead of worshiping God[/quote]??
I swear I'm not that stupid, I'm just trying to understand
@SW-User I do admit I love being provokative and I do admit I despise fundamentalists so provoking them is fun. The name does draw attention as well which can highlight good causes like the satanic temple trying to safe abortion rights through making it part of their religious freedom.
@SW-User I don't mind provoking when it's substantial, it's provoking just for the sake of it's not exactly my thing. [quote]The name does draw attention as well which can highlight good causes like the satanic temple trying to safe abortion rights[/quote] Although,that's another great point!
@SW-User yeah calling a non-theistic [i]philosophy[/i] Satanism, as well as dressing it up with [i]outlandlish[/i] packaging for the variants that do, probably isn't the best marketing strategy for ideas that humanity does actually need (except for any self-centered hedonism-at-an-cost bits that any particular variant may embrace)
Pfuzylogic · M
No thank you.
I chose Jesus!
@Pfuzylogic That's a shame. I hope you will be able to free yourself from these shackles one day.
Pfuzylogic · M
I am free to worship my creator and house the Holy Spirit in a temple designed for the the Holy Spirit’s inhabitance. Consider that it is difficult to be on the outside looking in to understand my Father.
Ryannnnnn · 31-35, M
Kinda just sounds like green anarchism with an anti-theist flare, the unabomber was one and his manifesto was actually really interesting and I sort of agreed with most of it. He was heavily influenced by Jung.
Graylight · 51-55, F
Your view of Christian-Judeo faiths is severely lacking in both substance and insight. "Anarcho-Satanists" represent nothing that resembles a unique platform of principles and values. They can be practiced by Christians, pagans, atheists, Jews and Muslims. It's gone by a hundred different names over the millennia, but it's essentially self-empowerment and consequences.

If this is your conduit for the expressions of the things you believe, enjoy and thrive in it.
@Graylight I don't believe these principles can be lived by anyone who believes there is a higher power that created them and has control over them.

It's about destroying hierachies beginning by an imagined one and then the Church organisations that capitalize on a belief in a higher authority.
Graylight · 51-55, F
@SW-User [quote]who believes there is a higher power that created them and has control over them[/quote]

That's hardly everyone, and not even some Christians. Spirituality over religion is trending worldwide and it's the tenets of faith, not the hierarchies, that make a faith. Faith is what one makes it for themselves, and any religion who's principle it is to disrupt other faiths should be viewed as suspect to begin with.
Dino11 · M
I just went to Sunday school and bible school when I was a kid, we were fun loving Methodists. A lot of people got quick religion in the military
when the shit hit the fan.
TheotherAndy · 41-45, M
Eternity · 22-25, M
Yall need a more marketable name. Sacrifice the flare for effectiveness
@Eternity Provokation is part of it but I wouldn't mind a different name. Important part is the radical anti-theism.
Eternity · 22-25, M
@SW-User I'd say a dash of pragmatism would do yall good. What good is provocation when it makes it harder to achieve your aims?

Provocation to ellicit a reaction that will benefit you is one thing, but i cant see a benefit to having people be against you outright just because of what you call yourself.

If the radical anti-theism is truly the most important part then give it a vehicle that it can travel far in. Something all-terrain and inconspicuous.

Do it justice.
@Eternity The pragmatist approach already happened and succeded for example in the nordic countries.

When it comes to fundamentalism like in the US for example being nice and reasoning won't help. Their beliefs need to be restricted and challenged with more force. Many of them do not listen to reason.
I do enjoy satanic aesthetic but not against a name change
Spotpot · 41-45, M
Organized religions have led to organized societys and been a major force of creating civilisation.
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
so when are you hitting puberty? 🙄
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
@NortiusMaximus [quote]ad hominem attacks 🤪[/quote]
@MartinTheFirst Thanks for confirming my suspicions. 👍
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
@MartinTheFirst Jordan Peterson thinks we should be like lobsters as a successful species. Maybe I'm weird, but ending up in a pot of boiling water at Red Lobster isn't my idea of success.

[quote] Competition is the law of the jungle, cooperation is the law of civilization
— Petr Kropotkin
I think that just about [b]any[/b] belief system (and that is one, as much as any organized religion) has the power to destroy, because [b]human beings[/b] are involved, and they tend to want to dictate what labels others should wear if they believe (or [b]don’t[/b] believe) certain things.

People insist on labels so they can determine if you’re friend or foe. They want to know how to treat you.
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