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That Creepy ‘Patriot’ Protest Group Is Back… And It Just Keeps Getting Weirder

This ‘protest’ is more orchestrated than one of Biden’s bowel movements… but we’re supposed to believe it’s ‘grassroots’? Puh-leeze.

The beancounters in Washington tell us that the real-est of real domestic threats facing America right now come from the political right. Not gangland criminality. Not the election-cycle rioters who just happen to target and destroy any time the political right does something that upsets them. Nope.

The real threat are those gosh-darned patriot-based groups. They might even have a Betsy Ross flag or a Molon Labe bumper sticker. Watch out for THEM!

Sure thing. *yawn* They’re the real threat. Duly noted. Blah-blah-blah.

They tried to tell us that the Tiki Torch crowd was back and supporting Governor Youngkin. Nope. That was just some plants from the Lincoln Project whackjobs in costume trying to slander Youngkin to spread misinformation for some calculated election interference. Yeah, yeah — coulda worked too if it weren’t for you meddling kids on the internet.

But we’ve seen this Patriot Front crowd showing up from time to time. They come in numbers. Have a goofy dress code. Cover their faces. Do a weird little marcharound. And disappear again.

Unlike some of those aggressive lefty groups like Antifa, BLM, Jane’s Revenge, BAMN etc, these guys don’t seem to have much of a presence.

They popped up again this weekend. This time in Tennessee.

They’ve got the matching outfits. Matching mass-produced painted shields that look like they were an upgrade from earlier designs made by those Antifa protesters. Matching beige ballcaps. Matching shirts. Matching khaki pants and belts.

They have those neck-gaiter face coverings pulled up to their eyes. These ‘patriots’ obviously don’t want to be identified.

And they are embracing every stereotype the left likes to push about the right. You’ll see Confederate flags. You’ll see the American flag being flown upside down. (The exact symbol they are currently trying to use in discrediting Alito.)

They are trying to ‘reclaim America’ for something-or-other. Wouldn’t surprise anyone if they’re conveniently invoking all of the trendy white-supremacist buzzwords.

Here they are pouring out of rented U-Hauls.

Shouldn’t be that hard for a serious investigator to track down whose U-Hauls those were, right?

But if the FBI was mysteriously unable to find out who was behind the pipe bombs, and authorites couldn’t explain how cocaine showed up in the White House, let’s not pretend that authorities have any interest in knowing what’s really going on here.

After all, it would look pretty bad if they started arresting their own employees, right?
if they were republicans theyd be not wearing masks..
theyd not have police excort and protection.
and theyd be so doxxed by now..

they need civil unrest before november.. stay frosty
FreestyleArt · 31-35, M
The reason they showed up, to stage a distraction away from Joe's Anger issues tours Democrats trying to get rid of him.

This is perfect 🍻

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