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Is it meaningful to identify as a right wing or left wing person? Or a liberal or conservative? Or any of that?

I feel I do not fall square into either one. And i'm not a "centrist" either. I also try to avoid doing the "both sides" thing, because most of the time I do see one side as being right on some issues. I'm not that guy.

I'v declared myself "more of a lefty" when I was younger, and recently started saying I was a traditionalist (not a conservative) because it seems accurate. But I feel like lables are for dipshits and honestly, we should think for ourselves. The shit that gets labled on one side or the other is silly. For example: Andrew Tate is against feminism, and feminism is typically thought of as left wing, so ppl casually call that guy right. In reality, nothing about the redpill is traditionally right wing, and the founder of conservatism would have actually been called a simp by these guys for the things he said about how awesome women are.

I'm "left wing" on the environment, but i'm right wing on making sure homogenous monogamous families with a ton of kids flourish. So what the hell am I suppose to do? Right leaning peeps wanna destroy the environment, but left wing peeps wanna destroy everything that makes life worth living anyhow.
i'm right wing on making sure homogenous monogamous families with a ton of kids flourish.

How exactly does the Right want to achieve this? The reason every family needs two incomes is because right-wing politicians have cut social programs which would make it possible for one parent to work, while the other tends to the home. The main reason couples in America choose not to have kids is because they can't afford it. The Right even wants to cut free school lunch.
So if you want families with kids to flourish, you should support left-wing policies.
@BohemianBoo I'm not saying I enthusiastically want an authoritarian regime, just that the modern world is such a hell, that I might as well gamble with one to save it. Unless you have a solution on how we can have a world where 1)The environment is preserved, 2)we can be reasonably sure that our daughters and mothers aren't prostitutes (with the rise of onlyfans), and 3)The white race doesn't end up genocided when we become a minority.
1)The environment is preserved

Vote for the most progressive candidates.

2)we can be reasonably sure that our daughters and mothers aren't prostitutes (with the rise of onlyfans)

We still disagree on sex work.

3)The white race doesn't end up genocided when we become a minority.

The higher the living standards, the less crime. So again, vote for the most progressive candidates.

By the way, don't you think white people would be safer under a democratic government? If you look at all of the genocides that have happened, virtually all of them have been in authoritarian governments. Which makes sense. Stalin was able to murder Ukrainians because as dictator, he didn't need the Ukrainian vote. The reason Republicans do the whole "Democrats are the REAL RACISTS" nonsense is because Republicans need support from black people. With all of the Nazis in the GOP, I'm sure they would like to genocide the darkies, but they can't as long as they need to win elections.
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BlueVeins · 22-25
IDK, I think the left/right divide makes sense because most people have general, wide-reaching views on the concept of social hierarchy. You, however, don't seem to, so those labels don't work that well on you. Liberalism is on shaky grounds because it has like, a bajillion different mutually exclusive definitions that are loosely adhered to anyway. Conservatism, however, is a term that characterizes cultural trends that are generally rather cohesive, and is more useful as a term.

Labels have downfalls to them, but they are useful for describing someone's viewpoints concisely. Use with caution I guess.
Burnley123 · 41-45, M
Sure it is.

A great number of people don't fit accurately into a political spectrum. Also, the likes of yourself, I'd describe as non-aligned anti-establishment.

It's true that when people are young (or in the first years of them being properly invested in politics) they bounce around. My friend @SatanBurger knows a thing or two about that. Some of them eventually settle in a place.

On a political compass test, economic views are split from the social. You could be described as 'authoritarian left.' on one of these: meaning left on economic policy but right on the cultural and social axis
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
@Burnley123 Haha I do know about that a lot, I think I'm starting to settle a little bit though around being more leftist in general. But I do know about bouncing around and a lot of headache too 😝
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
Not really. I know what my political views are. When I express them here I am described as anything from "neo liberal" or "Marxist". Ditch the labels and take time to understand complex issues.
JollyRoger · 70-79, M
I agree BRUUH...
Leftist, Right-wing, Centrist.... they all do have 'values' on the political spectrum. However, people (generally) fail to look at what those 'base values' are and the labels themselves have changed in value. Liberals used to be 'Let it be' types; Right-wingers were more toward heavy-handed (but democratic) govefnment and of course the Centrists were those who floated with the logic of what is needed at the time.
Now-a-days: Leftists and Right-wingers are more identified by the radical aspects they hear someone they know, and either like or dislike, and go by the memes that they and others who emulate that life-style (not the politics) say and do.
Again: You're right - it all has lost meaning.
badminton · 61-69, MVIP
Right-wing conservatives say, "Every man for himself."

Liberal-progressives say, "We're all in the same boat."

I'll stick with the liberal-progressives.
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A lot of talk about labels is about how unuseful they are. I've done my share of that, but I'm now questioning how useful even that is.
AthrillatheHunt · 51-55, M
My beliefs haven’t changed but the system sure has.
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