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Supreme Court Attack on Democracy

Donald Trump is a convicted felon; he was found guilty of civil fraud for nearly half a billion dollars; a civil court found him liable for sexual assault; and he faces criminal charges for stealing classified documents and trying to overturn the 2020 election. And now his hand-picked Supreme Court justices just said he is immune from prosecution!

This decision threatens our system of democratic checks and balances. If presidents are immune from prosecution for official acts, that puts them above the law and above oversight from the courts. This will have implications for every future president—not just Donald Trump.

Rep. Connolly said today,

Two of these justices have spouses who supported overturning the election. They should have recused themselves. Three of them were appointed by Donald Trump and should have recused themselves.

Call/write your federal Reps today. Demand they denounce this outrageous decision.

Vote Democrats for a majority in the House and Senate who will expand the court and appoint justices who believe in democracy.
Reason10 · 61-69, M
In other words,DEMONAZIS want to get rid of the appeal process.

Trump's KKKANGAROO KKKOURT trial will be OVERTURNED on appeal because the Nazi prosecutor introduced hearsay evidence, (which is against the rules ) and the NAZI judge allowed it to happen.

And WHY you goose steppers are spitting on the Supreme Court these days is a major mystery. You have never been able to get any of your NAZI ideas passed into law legislatively. That court gave you victories you didn't earn.

Just crawl back under your rock Adolf.
Northwest · M
Supreme Court says presidents have ‘absolute’ immunity for clearly official acts but no immunity for unofficial acts

This doesn't mean Convicted Felon Trump gets to skate.
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@Reason10 Ah, the wit and wisdom of a typing teacher 🤦‍♂️
ron122 · 41-45, M
My God democrats cry a lot.
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