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Anyone catch Sunak's lengthy election pitch ?

In a nutshell, all the country's problems are nothing to do with Conservative government of the last 13 years and entirely down to....

The consequences of Brexit.
The expense of the 'sick; lame and lazy'.
People who don't want to work in care.

Economic growth is comparable to that of our neighbours and allies.

And he wants an overhaul of defence spending.
SunshineGirl36-40, F
It was a strange pitch, emphasising the challenge of unprecedented change over the next few years. The Conservatives' approach to the pandemic was essentially to return to the status quo as soon as possible. Boris's promise to "build back better" was scarcely heeded and many opportunities to do things better were missed.

But as he has practically no chance of being returned to govenment, his words carry little importance 馃檪
Matt8536-40, M
no but i heard on the radio that he said the next 5 years are gonna be chaos.
also that universal credit is gonna be put through the washmachine.
Picklebobble256-60, M
@Matt85 Yep. Go after the working poor.
The poor guy had a very bad day yesterday , leave him alone.

Appalling deaths in maternity wards and a Northern Ireland judge siding against him.
Not his fault.

He sides with Isreal in the Gaza genocide, and even sells arms to them. No defence of our cities against Putin, all our arms have gone to Ukraine. We are very safe in his hands.

It鈥檚 his birthday today, forty four. Let us drink a toast to our unelected leader hoping he enjoys his forty fifth next year in obscurity in California.
GeniUs56-60, M
Brexit was as a result of his parties actions but could have had positive effects but for the actions of his party.
The genuine sick and lame should be allowed the expense that is incurred by them.
I'm also not fond of the lazy so I've found some common ground.
His pitch is essentially saying, now, that unless the Tories win the election it will be nuclear war.

Picklebobble256-60, M
@SW-User He didn't go that far although he was prophesying apocalypse in all manner of things he supposedly has his pulse on that aren't a concern for reasonable thinkers.
@Picklebobble2 It's pure desperation. Luckily, the more extreme he gets the more the voters turn on him
I am surprised he left out the people on the boats
Picklebobble256-60, M
@Ozymandiaz Having plugged THAT as a major problem for the economy AND national security for months !

Oh I'm sure he knows he's likely to be trounced at the election.
I think his attitude and language in recent weeks is more aimed at trying to ensure he comes across as more right-wing than Farage in the hope that if in opposition he doesn't have to rely on Reform UK to counter Labour proposals once in office.
SunshineGirl36-40, F
@Ozymandiaz He made an oblique reference to "those seeking to undermine our shared values and identities" . . among which he presumably includes immigrants, the poor and sick, sociology lecturers, etc.

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