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Do americans really love Donald Trump ?

whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
This kind of stuff plays well with his base, and others with a 4th grade education. So I suppose if thats what you want...... But do Americans really want "The King of Queens" as the way the world sees their country??馃樂
thisguy2041-45, M
Real Americans sure as hell don't like or love him. We are well aware that he is a weak, pathetic, loser with a bad rug.
Unhinged100+, M
@thisguy20 fallacy - no true scotsman
Only like 30% - 35% of Americans are in the cult. Unfortunately, because of the electoral college, Trump can still win the next election.
whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
@BohemianBoo 30% is a huge number if the rest of the nation is still divided...馃樂
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I love my opossum better than trump because she has her own teeth [image][center][/center]
@Unhinged Why are you SHOUTING?
Unhinged100+, M
@RedBaron @RedBaron [b][i][u][center][big][quote]
SandWitch26-30, F
Is English not your first language? You are American, right?
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@OldMan70 Not so much in 2020.
Coffeequilt51-55, F
Don't like his personality, but agree with his politics
Nanoose61-69, M
Well it really isn鈥檛 too rude if you compare it to his impression of a handicapped reporter. And it is not as funny as his impression of a windmill. His impression of a windmill sounds more like one of those old cars you had to crank to get them started. Cheers!
Unhinged100+, M
Unhinged100+, M
@RedBaron Theodore Roosevelt died
@Unhinged And?
kentex35100+, M
Milk came out my nose. That'll teach 帽 to eat cereal in bed late at night.
Too answer the question I don't care for the guy. I don't wish evil on him but I'll be glad to read his obit
SteelHands61-69, M
The media wants you to believe his support is only about a third of Americans.

They hate the guy no secret about that.

So I'm figuring that only people immune to... or wanting... the distresses of the last 3 years and have amnesia about their money and job security when he last was in do not.

Yeah. Probably around 98% of voters love him at this point. Lol
馃ぃ Every time he opens his mouth 'stupid' comes out.
RenFur70-79, M
If He gets reelected they had better
Only his brainwashed delusional supporters do
SandWitch26-30, F
I don't mean to insult any Americans with what I'm about to say here for starters, so let me be right up front about that.

I honestly don't think that most Americans hate Donald J. Trump because in a very subliminal way, I think that most Americans actually identify with his persona, meaning the way he behaves as a human being.

Asking if Americans love Donald Trump is like asking an American if they have an accent when they speak! Every American knows that only foreigners have accents for some strange reason, but Americans don't, right?! I mean, why would they speak with an accent in their own country, right?!

The only exception to this are among Americans from the southern United States whom all know that they have a 'southern accent' and will even talk about their 'southern accent' without me as a foreigner, even asking them to repeat what they just said!

I travel extensively for a living all over the world, most places I've never even heard of until I arrive there and I will tell you that anyone to tells you that THEY have an accent, is putting on a fake accent as they speak it because they're trying to be someone whom they are not.

That being said, whenever I visit the USA on business which is fairly often each year, the one thing that always draws my attention is HOW MUCH the average American emulates the persona of Donald J. Trump in their day to day activities while interacting with the general public.

That is not to say that Americans are trying to pretend to be like Donald Trump, but it is to say that the so-called 'American persona' I speak of is very common across the USA and Donald J. Trump just happens to be the chosen 'American' who's in front of the camera all the time who conveys to the rest of the world what a typical American's persona is really like across the board from coast to coast.

That is why I think that most Americans identify with Donald J. Trump's persona and quite frankly, they don't really see anything wrong with the guy. Yes, Donald represents the extreme right-wing of American Conservatism, politically speaking, and no, not all Americans are Republicans. But Donald Trump does represent in an American's mind, what an American sounds like and behaves like when they're out in public and in many American minds, that is okay!

I have no axe to grind with the USA politically nor professionally nor with Americans at large or even with Donald Trump, but the overall 'American persona' I witness every time I land in the USA, be it the east coast or the west coast, makes it very clear to me which country I've just landed in because I can sense that same Donald J. Trump persona surrounding every American I subsequently interact with on my business trip.
SandWitch26-30, F
Obviously, you're American! See! I told you so! You think just like Trump!
@SandWitch You obviously are unfamiliar with the concepts of sarcasm and humor.

Try not to take yourself so seriously.
SandWitch26-30, F
Oh, I never take myself seriously at all!

Nor does the rest of the world take the USA seriously either! Just ask Putin! 馃槅
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This message was deleted by its author.
SandWitch26-30, F
You are projecting! I thought you old guys new better than to do that?
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