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NYC now pays $11 Billion to care for migrants – and cuts all other city services massively.


[i][b]Photo above -[/b] NYC's Mayor Adams tells residents to prepare for more of this, as he cuts trash collection, police, and teachers to care for newly arrived migrants.[/i]

There are multiple versions of this story floating around this morning, with varying numbers and spins. The basics that most versions agree on are that (1) NYC is going to spend $11 billion on migrants, and (2) cut an equivalent amount from other budgets - schools, police, trash collection, even libraries will be closing. See link at bottom.

[b]I had to re-read the numbers, because they're so mind boggling. $11 BILLION – with a B. Just for migrants.[/b] I used a calculator - $11 Billion for migrant care divided by 143,000 migrants is . . . $77,000 PER MIGRANT! Shee-it . . that can't be right. Let me try it again. Nope – that's right. A migrant in NYC cost $77,000. (How much is a NYC policeman's salary for one year? Not that much, I guarantee).

[b]NYC – by law – HAS to have a balanced budget.[/b] It can't just borrow on a whim, the way we allow the Federal Government to. If Mayor Adams COULD borrow his way out of this problem, he'd print Treasury Bills to pay for the $11 Billion it costs for feeding and housing illegal aliens. And billions and billions more, because NYC is going to need MORE police, and MORE teachers, and MORE trash collection as migrants continue to flood into the city.

How many police positions are going to be eliminated? Estimates are “10%”. Over 3,000. That's going to be achieved by cancelling all “new police officer” training academy classes for the next year and a half. Geez Louise – existing officers are ALREADY bailing on NYC in droves, due to pay and working conditions. Now replacements can't be hired either?

The NYC budget cuts are “5% immediately” and a similar amount in 2024. And perhaps more in 2025? I guess that depends on whether illegal aliens keep showing up. Possibly this crisis fixes itself, because migrants all land jobs with a living wage and then find affordable housing in one of the 5 boroughs? Stop laughing – it could happen. This is America - the land of opportunity!

[b]You have to salute any city – blue or red – that still has a balanced budget by law. [/b] It makes the US congress – both the GOP house and the democrat senate – look like the monkey cage at the Bronx Zoo. The monkeys have eaten 33 trillion bananas they somehow stole and are threatening a banana consumption shutdown. They're throwing their feces at zoo visitors and screeching savagely.

Hizzoner – Mayor Adams - has assured beleaguered NYC residents that “no city jobs will be eliminated”. Which sounds like complete BS. How do you reduce the police headcount by 3,000, cut school budgets by 10%, close libraries, and leave EVEN MORE trash piled waist high in the streets without laying anyone off? This sounds like the sort of lie you'd tell people who are desperate to believe in miracles. Like NYC elites, who want to work from home in places like Florida, Vermont, and Montana.

[b]How can NYC solve its problem? [/b]I'm sometimes accused of being a cruel and heartless person, so please DO NOT read any further if you have delicate sensibilities, and don't want to be triggered. Let's pause a second, to allow the snowflakes to bail. Okay, ready? Here we go:

[b]The solution is harsh but fair - just say no. Pay your police and teachers. Stop paying $77,000 to illegal aliens.[/b] Say no to years long occupancy in hotels, free meals, free medical care, and free everything else. NYC cannot afford to become the sanctuary city for all of planet Earth. [i]“If you hand it out for free, they will come”.[/i] Chicago may be ahead of the curve on this one. (Allegedly) thousands of Chicago's Venezuelans have decided living in their dystopian former homeland is less harsh than what the Windy City has on offer. Chicago's Venezuelans are said to be returning home in droves. The articles don't say what airlines, or who bought the tickets though, so please add your two cents worth if you have details.

[b]Last week, our planet passed a milestone. The 8 billionth person was born[/b]. About 6 billion of us live in shockingly poor and dispiriting circumstances. NYC specifically, let alone America in general, cannot house, feed, educate and medicate all the people desperate to flee places homelands Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Africa . . . well, there are probably more desperate places than nice ones, aren't there?

[b]This is due to overpopulation. [/b]The Malthusians were right – there IS a limit to the carrying capacity of planet earth. And please don't pretend that America can build giant, brand-new cities in the middle of the desert – like China has – and take care of the tens of billions of additional people born each year. It ain't gonna happen.

NYC, it's your move.

I'm just sayin' . . .

[b][u]Budget Cuts Hit Preschools, Cops, Libraries as Mayor Blames Migrants | THE CITY — NYC News[/u][/b]
Convivial · 26-30, F
Assuming your figures are correct, that 77,000 per migrant is not given to the migrant but spent on services within the city, which generates jobs
SusanInFlorida · 31-35, F
@Convivial i never said it was "given". throughout my post i reiterate "food, housing, medical care, and education".

it's still money, either way. And NYC is CUTTING jobs - police, teachers, trash collectors, etc, to make ends meet. the payroll is shrinking, not growing.
Convivial · 26-30, F
@SusanInFlorida i agree with your comments above.. There will be waste, whether it's through bureaucracy or commercial profits
Mayor was all for an open border. His declaration. Mayor is an incompetent person not fit for the job. He was all about NYC being a Sanctuary city. Reality is he opened a Pandora’s box and can’t quite shut it.
Slade · 56-60, M
@Thinkerbell You see the kids and women everywhere selling candy. Every subway car, etc

Plus some of the Hispanic areas of Queens have become open air prostitution markets
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F

If you buy any just to get rid of them, don't eat it.
It's probably laced with fentanyl, compliments of President Xi. 🙄
Slade · 56-60, M
@Thinkerbell oh I know. Never do
The first mistake IMO was to give these migrants what “they wanted” The meals weren’t to their liking, the city tried to accommodate them. It came to the point where the city was ( taxpayers) paying for laundry services for them. Now they’re griping about where they’re being housed( Floyd bennet field I think). The city ought to play every day a new NYC Anthem for them…” I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden”.
And has anyone noticed in news footage the large number of various bikes /scooters that suddenly are appearing on the streets? What’s that about?
And though you can look at Adams despite his stupid comment about having an open border, the real blame is at the feet of the Administration and those who pull the strings of Biden, Harris ( alleged border czar) and the smug prick Mayorkas.
This isn’t by chance. It’s orchestrated.
SusanInFlorida · 31-35, F
@soar2newhighs i think migrants who flew to the USA, or Canada or Mexico for a border crossing have more assets and higher expectations than we realize.

Why can't we either enforce the border laws as passed by congress, or force congress to update them? The present situation where presidents of opposing parties, governors, and city mayors enact whatever policy pops into their heads is untenable. Follow the constitution. Write a bill, debate it, and vote on it.
DDaverde · 56-60, M
We have been invaded…
FJB and his Buffoons!
My brand new truck
( I hadent even made the 3rd payment on it )
Got hit by an illegal alien
Foreign license no insurance
Cause 4200.00 worth of damage
Truck doesn’t even have 3000. Miles on it .
I live in a sanctuary city ( not happy about it) Boston Massachusetts.
Our illustrious Governor
Who I didn’t vote for !!
Has asked people to take
Illegal aliens into their homes..
Absolutely insane…
And of course we the working men and woman will pay for them…
SusanInFlorida · 31-35, F
@DDaverde a couple of years ago a (drunk) "undocumented worker" (illegal alien) crashed into another car. Several people were killed. Some survived - it was a family of four.

a local church immediately held a fund raiser to send the "undocumented worker's" remains back to his nation of origin for burial.
DDaverde · 56-60, M
Unbelievable placate them
This is all about free democratic. Votes
That’s all it’s about and what a price
For us citizens to pay!!
You get what you vote for!!
TexChik · F
I guess he knuckled under to the pressure the FBI was putting on him after he pushed back against biden's corrupt scheme.
strait46 · 46-50, M
amen, only give charity if you can. now that he sees the burden, that u.s. CAN'T give , that much charity , he should insist on closed borders, but instead continues DNC TRADITION no garbage pick because u.s. citizens are LAST. same as most dnc policies. obama truman even fdr. gasp.
SusanInFlorida · 31-35, F
@strait46 i agree. but i thank my lucky stars i don't live in ukraine. they must be astonished that we're carping about trash collection, libraries, and pre school while their country is being invaded by russian prison inmates who were given guns and army uniforms.
Confined · 56-60, MVIP
Last week, our planet passed a milestone. The 8 billionth person was born There was an article here recently that greatly disputed this. There is actually only 4-6 billion. 8 is propoganda.
SusanInFlorida · 31-35, F
@Confined show your link, and source. It sure looks like 8 billion when i turn on CNN, Fox, BBC, PBS, MSNBC, etc.
Tetsuya · 51-55, M
the city could have just hired them as contract workers
SusanInFlorida · 31-35, F
@Tetsuya your idea is funny, because it's true. trash collection, cleanout of abandoned housing units, recycling . . . make it a condition of receiving benefits if your an able bodied single adult.
MethDozer · M

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