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California Passes New Law Establishing Fast-Food Minimum Wage Of $20/Hour

"The California legislature just passed a new bill to require all major fast-food chains throughout the state to pay their employees at least $20 per hour – and McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain with 40,100 stores worldwide, is really angry about it.

The passage of Assembly Bill 1228, which is now on its way to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk, “will result in a devastating financial blow to California McDonald’s franchises at a projected annual cost of $250,000 per McDonald’s restaurant,” responded the National Owners Association to the bill’s passage.

According to the legislators behind AB 1228, the bill only affects the “rich” fast-food places that have more than 60 locations nationwide."

You can't make this shit up....
WillaKissing · 56-60
When the price for McDonalds food surpasses what people are willing to pay for it, then the stores will start closing. Great move California, but hey you're on your way to a liberal dream state, keep up the good work and stay in California and not infecting the rest of the US/world.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
I'm sure all the burger flippers will rejoice when they're making $0/hour because they got replaced by a robot...
Pretzel · 61-69, M
well it affects the poor people that are buying the food too.

to be fair $20 and hour in Los Angeles isn't that great a wage.
but fast food isn't meant to be a career - untless you're in management.

I wonder if they'll have better accuracy in fulfilling their orders.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
@Pretzel wouldn't matter if you paid them $100 an hour if the cost of everything else increases 500% in the process...
Pretzel · 61-69, M
@wildbill83 totally agree.

they griped about the 15 per hour across the US and the cost of their meals has risen - and I don't go as often - and I've noticed smaller shifts too.
@Pretzel [quote]but what's really going to happen is that the restaurants will automate and get rid of more humans whoops- unintended consequences.[/quote]

They're doing that regardless. We're always told that billionaire corporations can't pay a living wage because then they'll resort to outsourcing and automation as if they don't do that no matter how low the minimum wage is.
I don't agree with it. There is no skill in flipping burgers. But I rarely eat it.
trollslayer · 46-50, M
And their ice cream machine is still broke
Applepiedom · 56-60, M
All right. No teenage work. It's time for self serve. Computer touch screens and not eating out. As a blue collar worker will take tp$ an hour nurses 85.$
FreestyleArt · 31-35, M
Wewewewewewe so f*cked.........dodododo dududud dododododo.....I am singing this song because we are so f*cked
So it only applies to large chains ?

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