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The Media and AG Garland Lied About The J6 Deaths.

Who were they? Hint: not cops.

1. Benjamin Phillips. A citizen who suffered a heart attack after being hit with a concussion grenade thrown by Capitol police.

2. Kevin Greeson. Another citizen who was killed after being hit by concussion grenades improperly thrown by the Capitol police.

3. Roseanne Boyland. A citizen the media claim died of a drug overdose. Except she was beaten to death by the Capitol police, and system was free of drugs at the time. Here is the video footage of her being beaten.


4. Ashli Babbitt. An Air Force veteran who was murdered in cold blood by coward, Lt. Michael Byrd. The video is graphic, but you can see that Ashli posed no legitimate threat requiring the use of deadly force. She was unarmed. She was actually trying to deescalate the situation. She was not climbing through the window as claimed. There was also huge barricade behind the doors. And lastly, the Capitol police were on the scene with AR-15s right behind her.


This isn't anything new. Just a reminder of the media's lies and selective presentation of facts.
4meAndyou · F
What a shameful degradation of their own humanity.

Chuck Schumer, Nasty Pelosi, Mitch McConnell AND the federal judge who didn't insist on seeing the full set of video tapes.
@4meAndyou Yep.
ididntknow · 51-55, M
@4meAndyou The American government is a criminal gangster organisation, the CIA / FBI have also been weaponised, Antifa are it’s brown shirts, BLM are also one of its tools, Garland is the lawyer for the gangster’s,
4meAndyou · F
@ididntknow I know. It's the upper echelons in the CIA/FBI/White House that have become corrupted. If we EVER have an American president again who can figure out how to DUMP all of the above into a black hole, we can easily fight the brown shirts and the BLM grifters.
Confined · 51-55, MVIP
The lies will continue and no one will ever be brought to justice sadly. Garland must be charged, jailed and executed.
the ppl who hide footage and evidence are the good guys.
the ppl wanted everyone to see what was hidden are the decievers.

big brother ✊
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout progressives stand on their heads and tell you the rest of the world is upside down.
losthorizons · 51-55, M
All lies. They should all be done and out in jail
ididntknow · 51-55, M
Keep waking up people, they are few, we are many
Tres13 · 51-55, M
ur eyes are lying to you...
@Tres13 right?
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
democrats don't care, they just double down on the lies, there are still idiots that claim a dozen capital police were killed by protesters...
This message was deleted.
@LetsGoBrandon As the deep state continues to lose it's grip, the lies become more outrageous.

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