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The people of Chicago shouldn't get their hopes up.....

Yes,it's a great thing that former mayor Lori Lightfoot was ousted from office in a recall election;she was historically incompetent and had what I understand was an almost 100% increase in crime under her term.But here's the question:will her successor be any different or will they continue the same woke policies?If it's the latter,the people of Chicago can expect more of the same!
Ynotisay · M
Since you used the word "woke," which tells me most everything I need to know about where you get your 'news,' here's a couple of things to consider. Chicago isn't even among the top ten most dangerous cities in the country. Crime in Chicago fell for the first three years of her term before increasing last year. And that was predominantly due to theft. Overall, crime is down significantly, including murders, over the past five years. So you're 100 percent increase thought isn't close to true. I know very little about this woman's policies so there may be something more at play. But I also know that the murder rate is much higher in the anti-woke red states. Why would that be?

But here's what gets me from those who would use the word "woke." There's rarely, if ever, any attention placed on individual decisions to commit crime. It's most ALWAYS about Democratic leadership. I just find that just so cute coming from the "personal responsibility - gubment out of my life" crowd. All I can gather is that the "no woke" people are really the ones who need Mommy and Daddy to take care of them. Wish they'd just stick to trans drag shows and banning books. Leave the real issues up to the grown ups.
Graylight · 46-50, F
59%, not 100. Atrocious...until you understand that the overall national crime rate rose 52% in the same span of time. The "100%" number is for a brief window under certain circumstances. Cherry-picked, in other words.

As long as right wing ideology and lawlessness are the rule of the day, crime across the board can be expected to remain the same or increase. Chicago is no unique experiment, though the right would like to believe they're somehow a unique city; this country is backsliding seriously and until accountability is the word of the day, you can expect it to continue in Chicago, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Nevada....
4meAndyou · F
It's early days, and hard to say. If Paul Vallas wins, he is promising a return to law and order.

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