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Given Bidens rating the GOP should win by a wave in the midterms

But the GOP isent getting anywere close to that what does that say about todays radicalized Trumpian republican party.
I鈥檓 seriously tipping WW3 and suspended elections. They know they鈥檙e fucked. And they know republicans committees minus Rino influence will investigate
IRS Lois learner
Fast n furious
Russia collusion
And election fraud.
Then hunter/joe and the brother for desert.. yum yum yum 馃構
Spotpot41-45, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout Yes the insurrectionst enabling president Trump really set the stage for todays GOP.
@Spotpotohh good one I forgot about that sham
Let鈥檚 investigate why Nancy turned down the national guard.
Is hiding 14000 hrs of cctv footage.
And all her emails and txts.
And all the plants that FBI and antifa director can鈥檛 discuss due to ongoing investigations.

what ever Dood

DeWayfarer61-69, M
Ratings are deceptive. Few vote based on ratings. They vote on issues.

The last election the issue was on Trump himself. So it will be no different.
DeWayfarer61-69, M
@BohemianBoo yet few vote on the ratings. I suspect they could care less about them.
BohemianBoo18-21, M
@DeWayfarer That's true. But the ratings let us know how much people care about the candidates. What I'm worried about is that, even though Biden is clearly the lesser evil, people don't vote at all because they don't like either choices.
DeWayfarer61-69, M
@BohemianBoo more concerned about the moderates going elsewhere. That will insure some republican positions. Biden won because of those moderates. He is a moderate despite what the republicans are pushing.
hunkalove61-69, M
The vote doesn鈥檛 matter, the Republicans will cheat and take back the House and Senate and in 2024 the White House. This so-called "Democracy" is about done.
Elessar26-30, M
Biden wouldn't have won the primaries and even less so the elections if it wasn't for the modern GOP, so that "should" is pretty big.

Also after the abortion nonsense I'm not sure what's happening - see e.g. Kansas (that is red, imagine purple states)
BreadAndCircuses46-50, M
I hope the same energy to protect abortion in a red state like Kansas will also motivate people to turn out in the swing state general elections to prevent [i]election deniers[/i] (who won in the primaries) from taking [i]control over voting processes[/i] in those states for 2024 ... it seems like it will be shenanigans from now on, we crossed a line in 2020 ...

graphite61-69, M
Yes, being pro-American instead of a globalist is considered "radical" these days.
@graphite Yes because tribalism is such a good thing馃檮
Virgo7956-60, M
Given bidens ratings the democrats arent getting anywhere either.
BackyardShaman61-69, M
It says bought and sold to Russia
is America great yet 馃
BohemianBoo18-21, M
@Concretedust Hell yeah!

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