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Biden didn't take a cognitive test with his annual physical

I wonder why馃檮
There鈥檚 nothing left to test.. it鈥檚 all ice cream n dementia meds
Graylight51-55, F
The test your cult leader took is normally administered only if someone's concerned that they or their loved ones may be experiencing dementia or other cognitive decline. To 'pass' it means only that the person can dress themselves and get through a basic day.

Apparently, the facts and reality don't fir your narrative about the imminent doom and decline of Biden, because doctors didn't even believe he needed to be assessed.

Hey, it's a believable as Trump's "fighting weight" and his [i]best ever[/i] lab results.
ron12241-45, M
@Graylight Yes and you're a nasty one.
Graylight51-55, F
@ron122 Every time you're given the chance you guys just can't be original. "Sad."
ron12241-45, M
@Graylight You guys馃ぃ Aren't you special.
curiosi61-69, F
Cuz his doctors say he is fit!

Yet the sheep still trust doctors as if the are gods! "My doctor says to take the death jab, I trust the science and I trust my doctor"
beckyromero36-40, F
Why should he? He's sharper than most of the Republicans in Congress and I don't see any of them taking cognitive tests.
Graylight51-55, F
@thedarkside Oh, I hate when kind older gentlemen are affectionate with kids. Let's be sure to make anything resembling human contact seem forced, bad or unwarranted.

Here's what I know. People who post things like this are by far the most ignorant people in the room.
@beckyromero Lame Duck Biden?

beckyromero36-40, F

He will kick Trump's ass again in 2024.
The senile old fuck should resign
MrBrownstone46-50, M
He thought it was an anal test
@MrBrownstone You are right, that's where Biden's brains are at.
Adaydreambeliever56-60, F
Well IF he didn't then there must have been a good reason, as in, it wasn't required. Let's face it though, Trump would never have passed a cognitive test even when half Biden's age! How Trumps sycophants cannot recognise that Trump can barely string a coherent sentence together is beyond me.
ron12241-45, M
@Adaydreambeliever It鈥檚 unclear if Trump, 74, has taken the test again, but in 2018 he was given the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) under Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician, and at the time had scored a perfect 30 out of 30.
ididntknow51-55, M
@Adaydreambeliever Have you actually heard President Trump speak, explain to me how he can fill a arena and speak for hours, incidentally, Trump did have a cognitive test,
Graylight51-55, F
@ron122 The MoCA a rapid (brief) screening tool for cognitive dysfunction. It assesses different cognitive domains: attention and concentration, executive functions, memory, language, visuoconstructional skills, conceptual thinking, calculations, and orientation.

In other words, is the person able to dress and care for himself throughout the day or does he have Alzheimer's or senility. So...yeah, way to go on the high score. I hope he does just as well in his knee reflex tests. 馃檮
Because his head is still stuck up his colon, they couldnt remove it
graphite61-69, M
@Tminus6453 Biden colonoscopy = brain surgery.
Because the most powerful person on Earth couldn't begin to pass a simple test like that.
Maybe he doesn't want to embarrass Trump by scoring better than him?
ron12241-45, M
@NerdyPotato All you have to do is watch Biden. Remember when he forgot how to get back in the white house? The secret service was pointing the way and he still wondered off onto the grass.
@JimBeam YoI have incredible comebacks. I can tell you have been a trump lover from way back. 馃槣
@ron122 Trump and Biden are quite alike sometimes, aren't they?
graphite61-69, M
Because he's senile.
AthrillatheHunt51-55, M
We know why.
He isn鈥檛 stupid asf like what鈥檚 his name.
ron12241-45, M
@Pfuzylogic Damn you are as smart as Biden.
@ron122 Don鈥檛 stretch yourself.
You might know that donnie is stupid but Joe is above your level academically my friend. He understands the workings of government. That is why donnie faked that he was going to do an infrastructure bill. He couldn鈥檛 even spell 鈥渋nfrastructure鈥 let alone know how to create real legislation. 馃槍
ron12241-45, M
@Pfuzylogic Well aren't you something馃ぃJust like pants crapping Joe. Bye
ididntknow51-55, M
Because America now, is like Russia in he 70s you are living under communism, more power going to the government every day, you are living under tyranny, Biden is just the fall guy,
Ozuye50236-40, M
I swear between Biden鈥檚 dementia
Kamala laughing at very inappropriate times
And Nancy鈥檚 press address holy fuck seems like the DNC is really ready for the mental ward!
pdqsailor161-69, M
You saying he was born in Kenya? Next Mexico is gong to pay for the wall right?
Graylight51-55, F
@pdqsailor1 They already did, and it's big and beautiful, the best ever, that's what everyone says, and New Mexico was happy to pay for it. They took one look at the big, beautiful Trump wall - so beautiful, so so beautiful - and they asked to pay, they said, "We get it now, let us donate to this cause because we see you alone can make it work."

beckyromero36-40, F
@beckyromero Why didn't Biden answer when Trump asked him about his Crooked Family business with Joe Jr. and Tony Bobulinski's discussion on FOX News?
beckyromero36-40, F

Biden had already discussed his son's business dealings.

That was no more of debate-worthy material than Trump University.

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