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After busting Brett Kavanaughs balls during his SCOTUS confirmation,

Did the Liberal Dems investigate Joe Biden for
his alleged sexual deviances?
Free Pass? 馃ぃ
I think you missed while blinded by Trumpism. It was good until the elections, and then the Trumpists dropped it. That dog don't hunt.
Biden could have been robbing banks and the media would have said he was making campaign withdrawals.
He鈥檚 not a Republican. He didn鈥檛 use campaign finances, personal checks, or Venmo to pay them off, obviously 馃檮
[@603039,AbbySvenz] That's bullshit, Biden is a pimp..
GERRI46-50, F
[@603039,AbbySvenz] what?
They have a laptop with his son smoking crack and having sex with his underage niece..
just imagine if that was .... don jr for example..

Along with a smorgasbord of rats and there tax embezzlement scheme thru 鈥榝oreign aide鈥
independentone61-69, M
Kavanaugh is nothing but a black out drunk, and now pals around with his rapist buddy Clarence Thomas.
windinhishair61-69, M
[@1088262,independentone] They form the sexual abuse wing of the Court.
I鈥檓 guessing tony bobulinski was just looking for silence Money..
MickRogers26-30, M
It's the hypocrisy game you can easily see on the Dem side. As long as it's their candidate who is being accused, they don't care. And will even go to great lengths to discredit it just like Republicans do with candidates on their side.

luckranger7151-55, M
Matt Kavanaugh? Joe Montana's backup with the 49ers? There should be an investigation of how he actually got two Super Bowl rings.
MrBrownstone41-45, M
They did investigate. They did it themselves and found no wrongdoing.
curiosi56-60, F
The media wants to destroy America as badly as Obama/biden.
Tres1351-55, M
Joe penetrated an intern vagina with his finger
windinhishair61-69, M
[@476434,Tres13] Trump did over 20 women that we know of. They just thought it was his finger due to his tiny hands and even smaller endowment.
Sure. There was the [b]one[/b] accusation against Biden from Tara Reade (for context, there are 25 against Trump). Tara Reade's accusations were reported and investigated.

Turns out Tara Reade testified in over a dozen trials as a well-paid expert witness. Under oath she said she had a bachelor's degree from Antioch College. Antioch says that's a lie. So Tara Reade perjured herself for money multiple times, and her lies materially affected the outcome of trials. Her credibility is gone.

BTW, If Trumpsters think Trump is innocent, then it's rather WEIRD they refuse to allow the rape allegation to be tested. The E. Jean Carroll suit is asking for a DNA sample to compare with the rape sperm saved from the rape. It's only 5 seconds for a DNA swab. Why not if Trump is innocent?

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