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Are you friends with people who have totally different opposing political opinions to yourself?

If so, do you generally avoid the topic of politics? or sometimes or a lot engage each other in political debate?
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Reflection2 · 36-40, M
Yeah. No issues with that
RopinTexan · 31-35, M
Just one. It’s obviously easier to be friends who agree with you, so I have more of those friends. Many of them disagree on certain issues, naturally, but only one friend is literally the polar opposite of me politically. Do I try to avoid the topic of politics? Yes, but I rarely succeed because it’s his favorite thing to talk about. 🤦‍♂️
exexec · 61-69, C
Yes. Political discussion is forbidden.
4meAndyou · F
I have a very good friend who hates discussing politics. He gets very stressed out. Sometimes he WANTS to talk about it, and has to take an ativan when discussing it. He says I give him too much information, and he becomes overwhelmed.

He began by hooting and jeering at Trump...because that's his way...but now he is just very angry and scared at what is being done to free speech and believes our Constitution will be destroyed. He says our country as we knew it is now OVER.

I have one online friend who is conservative but very, very calm about the whole thing...who really just wants to live and let live.

I have two very liberal friends, whom I have known for five years, whom I love as friends, because they never speak to me abusively, even though their opinions are diametrically opposed.

When I told my friend from the UK that I had been a Democrat all my life, prior to 2016, he suddenly told me that he NOW feels "more comfortable" discussing politics with me...🤣. Perhaps he had been afraid that I had gone rabid...??? 🤣.

My SON is an extreme liberal. So is his wife. My son mocks me at every opportunity, so we don't discuss politics.
One friend in particular. We’ve maintained a 33 year close friendship by not discussing politics at all. However, in 2016 she rushed to assure me that she had not voted for Trump (she voted for the libertarian candidate). And in 2020, she voted for Biden along with me. She still identifies as a conservative Republican, though—who voted [b]against[/b] Trump.

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