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Evolution: Do you accept it or deny it? Did all life on earth evolve?

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I know this isn't really politics, i'm just interested trying to get a lot of SW responses to this question outside of the spirituality/religion board which is bound to have an anti-evolution bias.
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Got a deny already! Even with the dinosaur/bird evolution parallel lol
Carla · 61-69, F
Everything evolves. There are some species that are slowly evolving in observational time.

Very true.👍
GaiusJuliusCaesar · 41-45, M
Yeth I'm pretty sure everything evolved from something

Well the science certainly points in that direction.
GaiusJuliusCaesar · 41-45, M
[@360493,Pikachu] Indeed!
OggggO · 31-35, M
I fully accept evolution, however, at least one organism did not evolve.
[@328832,OggggO] like abiogenesis?
OggggO · 31-35, M
[@360493,Pikachu] Kinda hard to evolve when you're the first ever. ;)

lol i suppose so
So far deny is winning! But then again only 6 people have voted lol
alongalone · M
The universe is teeming with life.

No doubt
JohnnySpot · 51-55, M
A taradactile was a fly'n fool, just a breeze flap'n daddy from the old school, but a mamadactile could sure make him drool..
JohnnySpot · 51-55, M
..a Pterodactyl was sort of a stork looking bat with sharp teeth that cruised around looking for.... say, we haven't changed a bit😉
JohnnySpot · 51-55, M
A live Pterodactyl was once found. It died shortly afterwards.

lol yeah we'd probably have heard about that.
JohnnySpot · 51-55, M
This is not the one written about in The Reader's Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained.
QuixoticSoul · 36-40, M
[@77914,JohnnySpot] That photo is blatantly fake lmao.
Asificair · M
I suggest teaching children alternatives to the theory of evolutionary in mainstream schools is political.

Definitely because it sure isn't evidence-based lol
windinhishair · 61-69, M
There are many theories of evolution. Punctuated equilibrium makes the most sense to me--the theory that organisms evolve very slowly or not at all for long periods, followed by a period of rapid evolution as a result of changes in their ecological niche. Evolution is well documented and should be taught in middle school science and beyond.

Quite true. That evolution has occurred is a certainty, all the ways in which it occurs are still very much under study.
windinhishair · 61-69, M
[@360493,Pikachu] That's the part that isn't well known and isn't generally taught. Evolution is as well established as gravity, but the exact mechanisms and timing isn't well known.

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