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Can somebody tell me why I look 3 ft 2 in every picture 馃槶

loved you in snow white :)
Turtlepower36-40, M
Leaning forward doesn't help, you're sacrificing height to increase endowment in other areas in that position :p
LostLissa36-40, F
If you put your tongue in your mouth you'd look taller.
@LostLissa You become blonde? 馃槄
Cuz you're fun size (:
@SooperSarah pretty sure that鈥檚 you.
Hey! Don't sell yourself short!
How tall are you?
@HijabaDabbaDoo I鈥檓 not against anybody鈥 but they do mess up the pronunciation of the words. That鈥檚 just a fact. I really just like people and I鈥檓 sure I鈥檇 dig the girl I was shipping you with. And still kinda am. This shit ain鈥檛 over. You鈥檙e like my Soap Opera now.
@HijabaDabbaDoo What did I say about Danish people? 馃槼
@HijabaDabbaDoo Why does someone think you are Persian? That鈥檚 awfully assumptive.
Krysclear31-35, F
I think I鈥檇 you stood straight up you wouldn鈥檛 notice the it.
Very cute picture though 馃槉
You need some milk
Poetvann22-25, F
@deadgerbil that's funny because I don't like milk lol I only drink almond milk and I don't really drink it either I just use it as a supplement with cereal or coffee 馃ぃ
My dick is like life.. Life is hard
Life is also short....

(It's not really, just using poetic license)
@Majorlatency No dick is as hard as life can be
Poetvann22-25, F
@TheStarsareout honestly I think you'd bust a blood vessel, a vein would pop 馃ぃ
talktomenice26-30, F
It鈥檚 the angle, the way you hold your cellphone like Britney Spears posting videos on Instagram
Nothing Wrong With The Girl In This Photo,In Fact She's Pretty 馃敟馃敟馃敟
I don鈥檛 think you do but glancing at it I can see it. You do look fun size馃憖
XDHyperGirlXD131-35, F
@XDHyperGirlXD1 5ft 3 inches?
XDHyperGirlXD131-35, F
@Poetvann and @nedkelly im 5"4
LostNForgotten31-35, M
@XDHyperGirlXD1 In six inch 馃憼 heels maybe.
Looking good whatever your height is
LostNForgotten31-35, M
馃槵you don't look that tall. Jk馃珎鉂わ笍
Katiatavrovich31-35, F
I don't know but I like this photo
FreeSpirit151-55, F
Because you're a wee gal
I don鈥檛 know. I鈥檓 6鈥1鈥 and everything on me is long. Torso, legs, everything. I鈥檓 really petite, so I look even longer. lol
Poetvann22-25, F
@DarkHeaven I'm 5'1 and I would kill to have just a little bit of your legs and slenderness LOL
@Poetvann I think you are already very sexy. 馃拫
Well that's a really pretty picture regardless. But have you tried angling it so that your feet are closer to the camera than your head?
NodandaWink51-55, M
Stand straight move your camera down and shoot with a more upward angle. The down shot shortens you.
You look great 馃憤 guess it鈥檚 a perspective issue with regard to size but you look lovely 馃憤
Applepiedom56-60, M
Well nothing to compare you to but just for reference a doorknob is about 3 ft off floor
SilentKiller22-25, M
Cos u hunching forward

If u stand with your shoulders back, u will look taller
mclovin0241-45, M
I have no clue why you do, but I'll be damned if you don't look like a super small hottie
antonioioio61-69, M
You have the good looks and if you have the personality, nothing will stop, going paces 馃尮
Why are you taking selfies in a public restroom 馃榿
Poetvann22-25, F
@nedkelly because I can LOL
Ask a man they know how make things look bigger in a picture lol
DDonde31-35, M
The angle, and you don't look that short tbh
Poetvann22-25, F
@DDonde well thank you. I'm 5'1 so that's a compliment for sure
[image deleted] idk if that hurt or helped 馃
Poetvann22-25, F
@SinlessOnslaught I feel like I look even shorter but my shoulders just look wider 馃槀 thank you for trying though
@Poetvann Hahaha okay. Like I said in my other response: try angling the camera so that it's looking up at you, not down.
Honestly you don't look 3ft 2. But if you wear heels next time.
Because you're 2'3" in reality and look tall in pictures?
Don鈥檛 stress short girls are so much hotter 馃敟馃敟
Because dynamite comes in small packages. 馃
Because you鈥檙e half pixie
Barny5256-60, M
What your saying your not dont believe you xx
The camera should be no higher than your hips.
Based on the # of tiles on the wall, I am guessing 5' 6" ??
I鈥檇 guess 5 ft 3 but photos can be deceiving
likesnatural70-79, M
You look great! Height is no issue for me.
Barefooter2546-50, M
You are lovely. Really nice gorgeous feet!!! 馃槏馃グ
DownTheStreet51-55, M
You look 3鈥2鈥 in that picture
Because that鈥檚 your actual height?
AngelKrish22-25, M
You look good... Not short lol
It might be the angle yeah
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
No, you are obviously well over 4'.
GuyWithOpinions31-35, M
Maybe stand up straighter
Maybe the bathroom might be small
OceanicPopsicles22-25, F
You look pretty 馃ぉ
Chillie61-69, M
You look gorgeous

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