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Hey friends , i was taking shots of moon yestrday by phone only, but look what i got 馃槈it might be a bird but also seems to be ?馃槄馃槄 look deeply ok

taken by pro mood on phone camera
guys its just a bird 馃槈馃槄馃槄 got you
its only shaped that way ,thats why i loved it 馃樆
pro mood focus only on moon and everything else goes black ..

here is a nother one
Matt8536-40, M
A UFO 馃槸
exita26-30, F
@Matt85 yep, it looks this way but its a bird 馃槄馃樆 thanks to pro mood on camera , makes it look this way 馃槄馃槄
I saw before I could even see the rest of your photo.... what might look like a UFO is an artifact of dust on your lens... up there in the top third quadrant on the right..
exita26-30, F
@thewindupbirdchronicles ok yes indeed ..thats right my friend 馃樆 but why its not pro mood ?what makes you say that ?
i say its pro because its like an expert mood ti show moon details by phone lens as you can see in the pic 馃槈
look at this pic , i sharpen it and made the light more , and thats how it look like , the same 馃槄馃槄
@exita As mostly I look to my film camera, having the iso in hand (camera), and the joy of it coming together. 馃槈
exita26-30, F
@thewindupbirdchronicles ok my friend 馃槉馃樆 but why dont you like taking pictures at night?
I'm not seeing it, but resolution isn't great on this. I believe the more formal term (at least when it's planned and usually for space based objects) is a 'transit'; id like to get an image of the iss transiting the moon.
exita26-30, F
@wretch yes true , its not clear , but it came this way by coincidence , i didnt even focys on this because i didnt see it , i was focusing on Moon , pro mood on phone camera
ArishMell70-79, M
The black dot towards the top right? Could be a bird but its slight halo suggests more likely a speck of dust on the lens.
exita26-30, F
@ArishMell yes indeed its a bird .. that looks this way because i was taking photos by pro mood ,so it make the sky blue and everything but moon ,looks black
Applepiedom56-60, M
Glad they didn't take you away to be probed. We'd,I'd miss you. That is strange though
exita26-30, F
@Applepiedom 馃槄馃槄 my friend thank you , its only look this way , but its a bird , pro mood on camera , makes everything looks black and focus only on moon details 馃樆
Applepiedom56-60, M
@exita made that bird totally look like a UFO.
DrWatson70-79, M
What is pro mood?
exita26-30, F
@DrWatson its pro mood on phone camera settings ,you choose it to take a better photo for the moon with his details , it becomes more clear , it focus on moon only 馃樆馃槉
thats it

my phone is xiaomi redmi note 8
DrWatson70-79, M
@exita Ah. It looks like it takes a short exposure, so only the brightest object will register. Thanks. (I have a cheap phone, Not sure if I have that.)
exita26-30, F
@DrWatson you are welcome 馃樆馃槉 my friend , you might have it with another name like expert
A UFO !!! 馃槼馃槼
exita26-30, F
@Teslin i feel it that way , but i have no idea if it was a bird or this thing 馃槉馃憤
exita26-30, F
@Teslin look at this one after i edit it and make it more sharp , it cames to be this way
jeancolby31-35, F
Yeah, looks like a UFO.
Raaii18-21, F

yes ths鈦犫棡鈼
exita26-30, F
@Raaii yep馃樆馃槄
its a bird , but its only look like this because of pro mood on camera , makes it look black with no details 馃槄馃槄
exita26-30, F
@fun4us2b wow 馃樆馃憤
I took this while a bunch of crows were flying over -maybe a couple look like UFOS ? Not as good as your moonshot...@exita

exita26-30, F
@fun4us2b Awww thank you so much 馃樆馃槉馃尫
but yours is so beautiful too 馃樆馃憦馃憦 i love it
BeachGirl4726-30, F
Your pictures turn out so clear ! I wanted to take of pic of a beautiful golden moon last night, an airplane looked like it was flying right under it. But in the picture the moon was a smudge and the plane couldn鈥檛 be seem. 馃槱
exita26-30, F
@bijouxbroussard its ok , i took it for you 馃槉馃馃挋
just try to use pro or expert mood on your phone camera , it will be more clear 馃槈 try it tonight 馃樆

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