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Is it worth it to pay for more GB on your google drive? Any other options that are free for cloud storage?

assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
Drive is the best. But i never pay lol just make another email id
Casheyane · F
@assemblingaknob Used to be easy but now it requires cp number for verification. Not sure if there's a limit to the number of accounts connected to a number
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
@Casheyane idk. I think so far I have 3 linked to my number
Northwest · M
There are no free, and reliable options out there. I pay for a little extra storage, but I use Dropbox primarily, due to its speed and reliability. I have a free 1TB storage on OneDrive (thanks to my Microsoft office subscription), but it's taken nearly 4 weeks, to download the 500GB I have on it (not finished yet). Dropbox took only a few hours.

I pay for 100GB of storage on Google, because I use Google Workplaces for my personal accounts.
deadgerbil · 22-25
I'm paying for extra space on one of my accounts. I don't mind it.

I would just use another account but I don't want to flip back and forth between the two. I've a ton of other ones for miscellaneous stuff
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
I've a ton of other ones for miscellaneous stuff

*all the nudes and porn.
deadgerbil · 22-25
@basilfawlty89 pics of your feet
twiigss · M
Eh, I don't trust cloud storage. If it's a video game with cloud saving, okay, but if it's storing important files, I have a 1gb external drive.

I have Dropbox as well, just nothing important on it.
I have 3 google accounts, to manage my personal, professional and family data.
icedsky · 51-55, M
I think samsung offers a smaller amount for free.
Thevy29 · 41-45, M
I don't use any of that. Its not secure.
Renaci · 36-40
No. All that money over time can be put into a multi-terrabyte drive.
Casheyane · F
@Renaci I already have, but even that can be corrupted. So for other things, I prefer cloud. But thanks for the advice. :)
Lilnonames · F
To me NO!!

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