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My sister鈥檚 new puppy is a fearful little thing 馃ズ

Sis tells me the breeder she got her from told her she鈥檚 never really been outside of the bed she was born in. Naturally, the poor baby girl is going to take some time adjusting to her new surroundings. She鈥檒l be mellow for a bit before she starts looking around whimpering. I鈥檓 happy to see my nieces being super gentle and affectionate with her. They seem to understand that, while adorable, she is a scared little tot in a strange place. 馃ズ
Does the pup have other pets to look up to?
Ducky31-35, F
@sstronaut One three year-old doggo who is now her new big brother
@Ducky that should help her if she's not overwhelmed
@Ducky perhaps it needs a lot of love and attention and its confidence will get better

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