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I dug up my cat

Sorry this is so long.
About 5 years ago my Dad passed. At that point I had planned to move to CA near my brother, possibly next door. So thinking that
I will be moving, got me thinking about all my animals in my graveyard and what would happen to them.. My all time prescious cat I loved above all others was my main concern. He passed about 13 years ago. I was devastated, but back to the story. I wanted to take him with me . The only thing I could come up with was to dig him up. So that's what I did. Luckily I think I found almost every bone. So I rinsed his bones and then bleached them. They came out beautifully. To say the least, I didn't move . But I have placed his bones in a small wooden box beside my bed. In the pics are also some of his fur, a few whiskers(. these were from when he was alive), a necklace, a change purse I beaded that resembled him and a pic of him. I also had a clock made with his pic and I made a little art project with him. ( He was deaf and problems walking)
[image deleted]
some cultures do this, return for the bones and care for and keep them. i think this is a very beautiful tribute to your Tweety 馃
melissa00151-55, F
@pentacorn thank you so much.
@pentacorn amen to that penta
Juvia18-21, F
I would love to do this with my bird who passed years ago. But I'm also kind of scared. I don't know how you did it without fear of what you would find. I'm always afraid for some reason but I would love to take my bird with me if there is anything left of him
melissa00151-55, F
@Juvia that sounds lovely. I'm glad you're so happy.
Juvia18-21, F
@melissa001 [image deleted] I didn't find much of this parakeet but I was surprised anything at all. It's been over a year since I buried her and I'm just happy to get anything. Her bones were so tiny and small. It didn't feel gross like I thought it would or weird at all, just felt like I knew exactly who she was and it was no different.

Imma clean these ones up.
The cockatiel ones are being cleaned.
Makes me wish I had done this sooner.
Super happy I saw your post now instead of later.
melissa00151-55, F
@Juvia be careful washing them .use very little soap. I am so happy that you are happy. I feel like I've helped at least one person. 馃槉
@melissa001 馃it may sound a bit of a strange and macabre thing to do but i guess i get you why you did it
@melissa001 you are welcome i know how you must feel as this thought has gone through my head many times when jess dies i will be so heartbroken as that cat is my world . we got her as a kitten when she was six months old we where devestated from dads sudden death and my sister thought this may help us cope a little 馃 . jess did the job mam said watch where you are walking and i said why and when i saw her my heart just melted instantly
melissa00151-55, F
@smiler2012 that's beautiful. Thank you for sticking up for me.
@melissa001 noi am not judging you i think if you feel this is right and makes you whole who can blame you
Aww, so sweet of you.
That鈥檚 disgusting IMO. Why can鈥檛 you just keep him in your heart and memory?

The physical remains are not the essence of a loved one, human or otherwise.
@RedBaron this is very insensitive, why say anything at all
@Ghostinthemachine It鈥檚 my opinion. That鈥檚 what IMO means.

You don鈥檛 need to agree, but don鈥檛 censor me.

I can just as well ask you, why say anything at all?
melissa00151-55, F
@RedBaron now now boys, no need to bicker. I appreciate both your comments.
My thinking is you should have let him rest in peace. 馃槥
IllThinkOfSomething26-30, M
This is so creepy dude. Serial killer stuff. You couldn't just leave the poor boy to rest like he deserved? I almost want to call an authority on you. Are you going to dig up your father too?
melissa00151-55, F
@IllThinkOfSomething i read your comments to others and you just like to argue soooo byeeee
@melissa001 no look who i was replying to in my reply it was the troll who attacked you im not mean to nice people ask anebody here
Precious.. 鈽猴笍... Sounds like something I would have and have done. I cremate all my animals and have for decades just for this reason. Leaving them behind was too difficult. I too have dug a few up many many decades ago when moving (before cremation was an option for me). Losing pets (my children) is as hard if not harder sometimes as losing family members (imho).
melissa00151-55, F
@Elisbch They have places around me now, but not when my Tweety died.
@melissa001 .. that's good you have access to those facilities now!

they're usually not cheap but I always try to make sure that I have money put aside just for this because unfortunately it happens and I can't bare to feel I couldn't have one of my kids cremated. I won't hesitate to run up my credit card a bit to get this done. 馃槉
melissa00151-55, F
@Elisbch very true and smart .
I made a couple animal caskets, in case I can't aford cremation. They are very pretty inside.
Interesting. I think thats a good way to honour your dead cat.

Years ago, my brother's grifriend had a dog that god hit by a car. He buried it for her because she was so upset. About six month later, they broke up. It was awful. She cheated on him and it was was ugly. He dug up her dead dog, left it on her doorstep in a box, rang the bell and ran.

Was he in the wrong? Maybe, but it's one of the few things I ever felt proud of him for 馃槀
melissa00151-55, F
@TrashCat sad, but I can kinda understand.
onewithshoes22-25, F
It was once a common practice to bury people in a churchyard for a few years only, and then dig up their bones to be cleaned and dried and kept in a dry crypt underneath the church.
melissa00151-55, F
@onewithshoes I respect that not everyone has my views but to each their own.
Thank you saying this.
I think if it makes you feel good, why not? People keep ashes of dead people & pets, i really can't see a lot of difference. The cat doesnt know...
melissa00151-55, F
@Star1 thank you
RageAgainstTheMachine36-40, M
I do not understand. You unearthed the dead cat?
For the Chinese those look like soup bones.
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
uhm... no... no thank you

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