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why I have a smoke alarm in the first place. Let me know when dinners ready. Shit hell!
Ha! I was cooking dinner tonight. ( son always comes over for Sunday dinner) I'm super tired tonight didn't get much sleep. So decided just cheeseburger and french fries. I also decided to bake the fries. Didn't want to mess with too much on top stove cooking. Ha. Burnt first batch. Dozed off a little. Took outvof oven smoke detector went off. Son said. Oh. That must be the dinner bell? That means dinners done? I must of given him one hell of a look because he said...yikes..and bolts out of the kitchen 馃ぃ
@Punxi lol he's a comedian. And I'm lucky that he lives close by that he does his every Sunday dinner with me :)
Fullmetal46-50, M
@Bexsy if the dingo and I were closer, we'd come by too! I'll cook, dingo will do the dishes....馃槈
@Fullmetal you will grill. Lol
sorry i laughed 馃き馃
@Punxi omg... where you there? Rent Party/2009? it was an outdoor amphitheater, wow cool

danke 馃槍 it never fails... Sail!
Punxi26-30, F
@pentacorn Saw'em with the Doobie Brothers in 2018.
@Punxi that was right after Walter Becker died. so sad. but Donald Fagan said he'd keep their music alive as long as he was still alive. very underrated band, imo, overall.

never seen the Doobie Bros, but they're a staple in my neck of the woods. "Roll black water, keep on rollin'..." 馃幎
Spumoni46-50, M
BBQ chicken ok?
Punxi26-30, F
@Spumoni Mine become blackened but...ummm...yeah.
Spumoni46-50, M
@Punxi I love doing BBQ chicken on the charcoal grill. Soooooooooo good.
vetguy199151-55, M
Ive used it as a timer
Punxi26-30, F
@vetguy1991 It IS...my timer. Lol
I have 2 serves leftover from last night's Special delivery.

They went out for dinner and forgot they had ordered from me.
Sticky Asian Pork Belly
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