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I am not the only one sad about the gender of baby

Tired of people saying well you should be happy some people cannot have kids. What that has to do with women who have a preference. They need to get checked to see why they cannot have kids or either adopt. I know if you have a std and don't get your fallopian tubes unblock you cannot have kids.

I know some people with PCOS have babies so how some cannot have kids?
WaryWitchWandering · 36-40, F
It’s ok to be bummed if you were hoping for one gender over the other, but you will love your child regardless… baby could come out with a unicorn horn and a tail and you’re still going to love them

There are many reason some cannot have kids. It’s very sad when people who would give anything to have a baby of their own can’t, and somehow there are those who don’t give a shit and easily get pregnant.
Shakealot · 26-30, F
@WaryWitchWanderingYes what if someone had no nieces and nephews. My sister don't know if she having kids
or not. I seen PCOS women have kids. It is possible to have kids.
4meAndyou · F
I assume you had a girl, and your husband is from Africa and expects sons, sons, and more sons all the time? I know it's a big deal in some African countries.

You have a 50/50 chance when you get pregnant, and guess which partner usually determines the sex of the baby? That's right. The male. That's why Henry VIII had so many daughters, but never had even one male heir that lived.
Shakealot · 26-30, F
@4meAndyou I had a girl 1st now they said 2nd kid is a boy on ultrasound at 16 weeks. Hoping they are wrong , but I get to experience a boy if they are right. . Still want more kids though, but no partner.

2 girls and 2 boys would be good, so they have someone to play with.
4meAndyou · F
@Shakealot As long as you can support a big crowd...and take care of all kinds of screaming babies all at the same time.
I'm sorry, but why have you decided on abortion after saying this in your last post? If you want more children, why are you killing off this baby boy?
Shakealot · 26-30, F
@asmalltoken Because I don't know how to raise a boy. The dad is supposed to be in his life.
@Shakealot So you're going to destroy a healthy child simply because it's a boy? Right.
Your life. Just one more healthy baby being trashed and for nothing more than being the wrong sex.
I'm done.
Shakealot · 26-30, F
@asmalltoken I won't abort baby. Too late now. Like my last baby was 6 pounds and 8 oz and 19 inches at birth. It was a girl.
Japrost · 41-45, M
Make it a tranny
Shakealot · 26-30, F
@Japrost No. I will not change someone's gender. That is too much. Just getting over it. Once that big healthy baby in my arms I think I will get over it.
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Shakealot · 26-30, F
@Japrost I will just delete your comment. I don't why people get on here and be mean

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