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Man has been given dominion


Woman and creation are as a horse, they are meant for man to mount and tame

Creation needs no taming, her law is perfect, woman and man have begun acting like men, you must tame your own desire for cash and things and tame her.

A woman who acts in line with creations laws and not mans laws, well, she is a rarity and a treasure, she needs no taming and man can walk side by side with her.
MsAlaineEYes · F Best Comment
thanks for "reading between the lines".
As soon as "man's laws, dominion and woman's place" is mentioned, screams of "inequality" or "sexist" come up. Emotional response that needs to be THOUGHT THROUGH to get. Like this one you shared below:

[quote]A woman who acts in line with creations laws and not mans laws, well, she is a rarity and a treasure, she needs no taming and man can walk side by side with her.[/quote]

such wisdom in that; it goes the other way too,
a MAN who acts in line with creation laws, VS man's laws
(this is where, IMHO, "man" takes "pride" and arrogantly claims the dominion over women, nature's laws are not like that)

For a woman "to submit to man's laws", imho, is denying herself,
her man and the world, HER power and role in sustaining this society.
so many false flags and erroneous characteristics of men and women.
One has to "go back to the basics" to get the real, unadulterated, UNDEFILED picture.
@MsAlaineEYes 🤭 Thank you for deeming my post as BEST COMMENT; 🤗 you know, it's not too hard to write from the heart❤️ when you are able to logically think through things like this.

To everyone else: I hope to encourage THOUGHT and heart felt writing here...it is so desperately needed in our world...why not start at SW????? please.
@Jdanielb I'm accused of being an angel in real life: my exh, my son, a good gf says "You're my angel". Really. If so, perhaps it is that I have great patience for truth. Great love and devotion for faithfulness. Great forgiveness for what most claim "unforgivable". Those examples in themselves may appear angel-like but I hope that they would be more common that just one little lightworker just trying to shed a little light and truth in her corner of the world.🕯️
@MsAlaineEYes yeah.. best comment.. I dont play favorites, I do truth, and call me a narcissist because I also appreciate wisdom, and a kind tongue amidst vipers.

Angel's, real life entity's, seen and unseen; also an allegorical truth for human beings in the upper spectrum of their garden of self

KuroNeko · 41-45, F
Idk, seems insecure to need dominion over everything.
KuroNeko · 41-45, F
@Jdanielb in harmony with creation is knowing you are all powerful and don't need to control anything.
@KuroNeko no.. that's when you become a patriot and are ready to die again to end tyrannical govt....

That's why george washington is depicted as god in the mural on the Capitol building dome " the apotheosis of washington"
KuroNeko · 41-45, F
@Jdanielb eh ok then lol. I'm talking spiritually though. Being at one with everything, not needing control.
@BlueVeins " he has saved us apostles for last, to be a spectacle to angels and men"

I am a fool for the sake of enlightenment, I would give my life for her again and again..
@Jdanielb It's the question: Red pill or blue pill. Once it is SEEN it cannot be unseen but I would rather know, or rather, thankful that I am aware rather than being unaware. We have responsibility to Humanity but without awareness and action, we are all doomed.
women submit to their husbands, but the husbands are supposed to love their wives as Christ loved the church (he died for her)
@AliceinWonderland in deed.. the husband gives his life to clean the wife.. it's why I have lived like the christ now for, 10 plus years..

Knowledge cleanses when stories are dissolved into allegorical compositions to teach lessons; but if ones actions do not match the teachers life, he is a hypocrite.

Men die when they crucify themselves to mans system of govt and money as did the christ; then they have a powerful testimony, in the imagery of the blood of christ.. actions are always a better cleansing agent than words.

Jesus " there is no greater love a man can have, than to lay down his life for his friends"

Muhatan ghandi " be the change you wish to see in others."

Jesus " you are the light of the world"
@Jdanielb 🌠
[image deleted]
@SW-User I agree win ds

" the spirit of christ always leads in me in a triumphant procession "

I say it paraphrased now .
" the spirit that is harmony with nature , will always win the prize"

I dont do religion, just what the voice of nature speaks
@Jdanielb yeah idfw religion either but the man woman stuff you wrote is nonsense; the Bible is not literal it’s esoteric so man and woman refer to conscious and subconscious mind
@SW-User but those sub conscious have conscious and living avatars.. it's not nonsense.. it's natural order, the woman is to be mounted and subdued by men.. your confused because you want to dominate.. shit dont fly with me.. what I wrote stays written.. you need weaker minded individuals who you can get to help provide for your life.. my women, provide for me just as creation provides for me.. creation gives her flesh, her women give their spirit, and share things, and i give my flesh to die, trying to create a free world..

Man is the dominant species, nothing a woman says will ever effect my knowledge or change my beliefs; i am my connection to god, and i am also the connection for all of creation. Though people can connect for themselves.

I learned from a holy vision of christ and natures clear voice combined with the word taught me..

Receive what I give.. or dont.. it does not matter to me.. but I guarantee you .. I am the only living being you are in communication with now , who actually lives like the original teachers of the practice. Buhdah, christ, Muhammed, Shiva, vishnu, Rama sir krishna.. they all lived the same way of life, and I mimic them.. so go be a dominant woman, but it wont stick with me..

Submission is not bad.. the women I have been with, if questioned, will tell you, I am the most affectionate man they have ever been with..

I love my sisters, like precious doves.. but if one wants dominion I leave her in the dust to annihilate her weaker brothers.
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
What the hell kind of 1950s sexist shit is this? Women should have the same rights and autonomy as men and should live as they please.
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
@Jdanielb the Bible is based on a very narrow interpretation of the roles of women and men. Forgetting entirely transwomen and transmen.
@basilfawlty89 you gotta live out your own testament today.

You cant fault a book based off its ability to have stories about what is a recent adaptation of men; when the book is compiled of texts thousands of years before the aspect you are talking about.

Lmao.. be the you you wanna be but dont fault others for not writing about you before you could be known to right about.. if you had an imagination though.. I'm sure you could find scripture that correlated, you just might not like it though.
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
@Jdanielb still I'm not Christian. The Gathas explain to me more than any Christian text has ever done.
Dominion no good without smartmatic 😁
caesar7 · 61-69, M
Multiplication has to stop. God should have been more specific.
@caesar7 lmao.. if you only knew how many brilliant thinkers and genius inventions that would simplify your life, if souls multiplied. Suppressing free growth is not the answer to freedom.

We could achieve another planet if we were ready not to kill this one and its people.
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@SW-User oh but I wuv you so much.. I just wanna scratch you behind the ears and make your leg shake.. lmao
. Peace DAWG..
@Jdanielb Gotta see the troll interview I posted...https://similarworlds.com/5225459-I-Am-A-Troll/3871499-What-is-a-troll-go-ahead-blow-this-thread-up THEY REALLY HATE IT WHEN WE SLOP THEM WITH SUGAR....😍🤪😂🤣😘

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