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Was the Stone Age the Stone Age for all civilisations ? What if....it just was not ?

If ETs came on earth today and were presented a bunch of Amazonian tribes..would they declare Earth in the Stone Age ?
"Stone Age" seems to imply grunting and whacking one another with clubs. Many of these tribes had highly sophisticated language expressed on cave walls, much of the language is based on universal symbols with tribes who had no connection or ties with each other yet these tribes had similar mythologies and cultural traditions.

We have these stone age cavemen with no formal education drawing images of what appears to be human figures wearing "space suits" oxygen masks, panels of gauges and technical type instruments. Kind of makes one take pause and wonder.
revenant · F
@Grateful4you i had heard that producers used various tablets found a bit everywhere across the world to base their stories on. Fascinating stuff !
@revenant It really is. I'm not getting any smarter reading this stuff, just a little less dumb. lol
revenant · F
@Grateful4you it opens your mind to new possibilities and where is the harm in that ? although most people would want to lock you up if you approached the subject. I had offered a book from zachary Sicchin ( spelling ?) years ago and my father thought that I was mad.
bookerdana · M
If they saw the West today they'd definitely conclude,"They're savages"
@bookerdana Sad, she finally got an accepting peer group, became famous then just died. Life so easily snuffed out.
bookerdana · M
@Grateful4you Her demons did her in.....like so many who achieve fame.🙁
@bookerdana I think death is just passing through a veil or plane,
No. Stone age was referred to the time when equipments and transportation were build through stones. Before introduction of metals and steels.
@revenant before it went to West it spreaded from Africa to Asia and that is something noticable
revenant · F
@littlepuppywantanewlife well..who knows...
@revenant you are funny 🤣
ElRengo · 70-79, M
"Was the Stone Age the Stone Age for all civilisations ? What if....it just was not ?"

Between certain limits, it was far from homogeneous.
While most of the world was barely populated by hunter gatherers, threre was agriculture, math and literature in what is now called the "South Arc" (includding Sumer).
revenant · F
@ElRengo yes
If ETs came to earth today, I think it's likely they'd declare all of us in the Stone-Age-hidden-by-fancy-gadgets.
scrood · 31-35
They're already here and this is the harvest time to steal as many souls as possible
ElRengo · 70-79, M
@scrood 🥺
Can't call it the stone age when there's iron smelting. Oh yeah and history

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