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Admit when you are wrong.

One of my biggest pet peeves; when someone says something that is factually incorrect, and then of course I correct them. Then they proceed to argue. Then after the debate is over, someone says something along the lines of “you always have to be right” or “just be the bigger person” or “agree to disagree.

It’s not that I have to be right, it’s the fact that I AM right, I know some of you will think that sounds snarky, or very know-it-all; but I promise it’s not meant to be degrading or offensive. My point here is just to say admit when you are wrong, [u][c=800000]I myself am wrong at times as well. [/c][/u] In the event that I am wrong I will admit that HOWEVER; if I’m not wrong I’m not backing down, that’s just not me.
GeniUs · 56-60, M
Look we both made mistakes when I was wrong, I hope we can put this behind us without me having to pull the mental health card.
littlelia · 18-21, F
@GeniUs this comment confuses me lol is this satire?
GeniUs · 56-60, M
@littlelia Yes, in that "we both made mistakes" is a common statement by the person who is solely and wholly in the wrong trying to get out of it and if that doesn't work they pull the 'mental health issue' story. Yes people do have psychological problems but some people go there just to cover their bas choices.
littlelia · 18-21, F
@GeniUs ohhhh okay YES! This is literally spot on. The amount of times people have done this to me is ridiculous.
IamBack · 31-35, M
Well sometimes it’s better to walk away from an argument if the other person is stupid 🤷🏻‍♂️
littlelia · 18-21, F
@IamBack Do what works for you
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
What happens to you when they refuse to validate or agree with you? Never let others steal your peace ✌️
Goodluckwiththat · 56-60, M
Try saying: "I'd agree with you, both then we'd both be wrong"!
littlelia · 18-21, F
@Goodluckwiththat Lmao yes!
Dv8rs · 18-21, F
It's better to be kind, than it is to be right.
These days Sophism is dangerous. Choose your battles I guess but correcting wrong info on medical, science or bs conspiracy theories is crucial.
Oh, my fucking god. That reminds me of arguments with my dad. I'll admit when I have said something wrong or when something's my fault, but when it's his fault, he tries to shift the blame onto everybody around him, or he goes with the sarcastic "It's always my fault" bullshit. Like, come on, dude. You're supposed to be the parent. Why am I more mature than you?
littlelia · 18-21, F
@LordShadowfire EXACTLY. I’ve had this problem so much with my mother. When i say it is THE MOST aggravating thing ever. Narcissistic parents are the literal WORST.
Dv8rs · 18-21, F
@littlelia A narcissist, any narcissist is a full time job, with no pay.
littlelia · 18-21, F
@Dv8rs it really is.
I'm convinced some people genuinely think reality was subjective so things can be "true for them". It's insane.
littlelia · 18-21, F
@Emosaur YES! Like they’ll say “it’s my opinion” even though their “opinion” is LITERALLY disproven by actual evidence.

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