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A sorry is never necessary but we'll not be small if you say it

So a girl there passed by so suddenly pricking those little rods at the end of her umbrella below my eyes just like brushing off my face well no big thing but that girl so young well sh could have said litl sorry or a little humble gesture but no she just signed like I was the wrong one there for standing well ir was shocking for both of us sistrs but it's ok understood but I'm really wrong if I say I didn't feel bad no I really felt little bad for nothing I know so sorry just let it go these days it's cmn
AngelKrish · 26-30, M
True, one who apologize immediately is decent and have courage to accept his/her mistakes....
Lilymoon · F
her parents never taught her manners. 🫤
It's about upbringing. Now a days kids are brought up in a liberal way, not in a social way.

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